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    NXT UK Results – March 19, 2020

    The battle between Gallus and NXT UK’s finest rages on in six-man tag team action

    We open with a recap of Finn Balor’s arrival to NXT UK, and his win over Alexander Wolfe.

    Kay Lee Ray defeated Dani Luna via pinfall

    Dani Luna started out strong, overpowering the NXT UK Women’s Champion. However, a quick kick from KLR put her back in control. Kay Lee Ray missed a dropkick which allowed Luna to hit a big suplex for a near fall. However, a superkick to the back and a gory bomb ensured the win for the champion.

    Kay Lee Ray then attacked Dani Luna after the bell, but was stopped from further assault by Piper Niven. The two stared down as Piper eyed up the gold.

    We then see footage of Finn Balor leaving the NXT UK arena, telling WALTER he works Wednesday’s. Balor ends up in a staredown with Tyler Bate. We then see Bate ask NXT UK GM Johnny Saint and Sid Scala for a shot at Finn Balor. Scala says that might not happen soon, but he is a part of a 20-man battle royal for a shot at the NXT UK Title at TakeOver: Dublin.

    We see a clip of an Aoife Valkryie vignette, which fades into a shot of Nina Samuels getting her make-up done. She talks about buzz, and how she is going to teach the new girl a lesson next week.

    Ridge Holland defeated Joseph Conners via pinfall

    Joseph Conners tried to outquick Holland, but received an uppercut and gained control. However, Conners managed to kick out at Holland’s leg, giving Conners the advantage by throwing Holland to the outside and hitting a crossbody. Conners worked the leg of Holland and blunted any offence Holland had. Holland managed to kick Conners off of his leg, and ran through a host of suplexes. Ridge Holland pounded Conners to the outside, which allowed Conners to go for the knee. However, Ridge managed to power out and hit Northern Grit for the win. This was a bit sloppy.

    We then see that someone has attacked Mark Andrews backstage. Gallus appear but deny any wrongdoing.

    We get an Ilja Dragunov video package.

    Kassius Ohno defeated Kenny Williams via submission

    Ohno outwrestles Williams to open, but Kenny uses his speed to escape Kassius’ throws and holds. He then also uses his speed to frustrated Ohno, getting several near falls. Ohno manages to grab the hand of Williams, throwing Kenny to the mat and taking control. Ohno focused in on the fingers of Williams, but Kenny found a way out and hit a big wrecking ball dropkick and a dive to the outside. Ohno tried to distract Williams with a thrown elbow pad and went back to his ‘Knockout Artist’ playbook, hitting a roaring elbow and then getting the win with the Kassius Clutch.

    Josiah Williams talks to A-Kid about his time in A-Kid. Noam Dar interrupts, moaning about doing too many interviews. A-Kid talks in Spanish so naturally, Dar talks french. A-Kid challenges him to a match, which Dar accepts and calls him ‘El Dafty’.

    Before our main event, Trent Seven makes his way to join Flash Morgan Webster and Dave Mastiff. He offers them towels in a show of unity.

    Gallus (Wolfgang, Joe and Mark Coffey) defeated Flash Morgan Webster, Dave Mastiff & Trent Seven via pinfall

    Wolfgang and Trent Seven start off, with Seven getting the advantage. Flash Morgan Webster started off hot with a big moonsault on Mark Coffey, but eventually, he was overpowered and worked over by Gallus. Dave Mastiff eventually got the hot tag, and he ran wild on all three men. Mastiff hit a big choke bomb on Joe Coffey, but it was broken up. Mastiff accidentally tagged in Flash Morgan Webster, who came close with a swanton bomb and a roll-up, but fell to a big Joe Coffey crossbody, the powerslam and kick combination, and the Joe Coffey discus lariat for the win.

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