NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II Review

Yesterday, NXT UK put on their second TakeOver in Blackpool.

With this being the second TakeOver in the Empress Ballroom, I think the roster wanted to prove they belong just as much as the other NXT brand and absolutely proved their worth. They should get more TakeOvers, at least in this writer’s eyes. So let’s jump right into the action from Sunday, shall we?

Eddie Dennis vs Trent Seven

Right out of the gates they tried to break my heart with this one, but these were the right two to kick off the show. Trent, having been on the TakeOver stage many times, taking on Eddie Dennis, who had yet to score his first TakeOver win. Eddie has been looking to prove a point and I think in this match he did.

“The Pride of Wales” was on a different level then I have previously seen him. He was brutal – I mean, the Razor’s Edge to the floor? This was the perfect opening match. It was violent but absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately for Trent, his losing streak at Blackpool continues, but something tells me these two aren’t done yet.

NXT UK Tag Team Titles: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Toni Storm vs Piper Niven

I was really looking forward to this match and it did not disappoint. All three women went all out and gave the crowd in Blackpool everything they had.

With Storm being announced to face Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s title at Worlds Collide, I thought there was a slim chance she would walk into that matchup as NXT UK Women’s Champ. While Toni had moments where it looked like she would prove me wrong, KLR and Piper really showed up. The two women from Scotland shined in this match. While I believe Piper’s time as a champion in WWE is coming, the KLR era is just getting started.

Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin

Match of the year contender and my match of the night for sure. When you put Tyler and Jordan in a match together, I feel like expecting anything less than a match of the night is weird. These two absolutely killed it.

Going into this match, I had picked Tyler to win, but I wasn’t confident in the pick as you never can be too sure with WWE. But I was pleasantly surprised to be right. I mean, these two lads were wild! The things they pulled off in this match? Madness. Just imagine if there was a title on the line? (Hi Uncle Paul.)

NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Gallus (c) vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs South Wales Subculture

I yelled at my TV during this match more than any other. This match was absolute carnage, which should be expected in a ladder match.

Every tag team involved looked great and got plenty of double team moves in. All the teams showed how much they wanted to walk out of Blackpool with the titles by laying it all on the line. For me, the one team that shined brighter than any other was South Wales Subculture. Mandrews and Flash Morgan Webster were an absolute force in this one. Just like always, they did everything in this match together (the double senton off the ladder was nuts), but this may have been their eventual downfall too.

Gallus retaining was something I didn’t see coming. Their win made me reconsider my pick for the main event.

WWE United Kingdom Title: WALTER vs Joe Coffey

The fan support for Coffey surprised me for a bit. I wasn’t expecting the fans to be so loud for Coffey, especially with WALTER in the ring. That being said, I think I would have been a fan cheering for Coffey if I had been in Blackpool.

Coffey came out quick in this one to try and take WALTER down. Coffey wanted this one and in my eyes, redeemed himself from his previous UK Title match. The fact that this was a ref stoppage really bothered me. I don’t have many good things to say about it. After the first four matches were so great, ending the show on a ref stoppage didn’t sit well with me.

UNTIL! God bless The Undisputed Era. With a deflated feeling from the main event, UE attacking Imperium was perfect. Going into World’s Collide, UE had to make their mark on the UK black and yellow brand and boy did they.

I look forward to every TakeOver, NXT or NXT UK, and this one was no exception. The UK roster absolutely delivered. It was fun to watch and has me excited about what the brand will come up with next. If the next UK TakeOver can be soon that would be great!

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