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NXT Women’s Championship

NXT Women's Championship

View the complete history of the NXT Women’s Championship. Who has held it? Who has the longest reign? Who has the shortest reign?

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NXT Women’s Championship

The future of the NXT women’s landscape began to take shape on July, 24, 2013, when NXT female standouts Paige and Emma clashed in a tournament final to become the first holder of the NXT Women’s Championship. Paige walked away as the inaugural champion that night, but a long line of future greats would follow, including Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Asuka.

Since the NXT Women’s Championship debuted, the industry has seen a major shift in how women are presented. Thus far, women in WWE have made history by main eventing Pay-Per-Views and competing in Iron Man matches, Ladder matches and Hell in a Cell matches that were previously exclusive to the men’s division.

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No.  Wrestler  Reign  Date  Days held  Location  Event 
6  Ember Moon  1  November 18, 2017  25+  Houston, Texas  NXT TakeOver: WarGames 
  Vacated    August 24, 2017    Winter Park, Florida  NXT 
5  Asuka  1  April 1, 2016  510  Dallas, Texas  NXT TakeOver: Dallas 
4  Bayley  1  August 22, 2015  223  Brooklyn, New York  NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 
3  Sasha Banks  1  February 11, 2015  192  Winter Park, Florida  NXT TakeOver: Rival 
2  Charlotte  1  May 29, 2014  258  Winter Park, Florida  NXT TakeOver 
  Vacated    April 24, 2014    Baltimore, Maryland  NXT 
1  Paige  1  June 20, 2013  308  Winter Park, Florida  NXT 

Longest reign: Asuka (523 days)
Shortest reign: Ember Moon (current holder)


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