OVW: The Most Pec-Tacular Career Review; Jesse Godderz

Hello TWM!  My name is Riley Thomas, and I have gone by other names, including my actual, a while back, but we’re sticking with the name everyone online knows, and a good number probably hate. I am known as the person trying to book Ash to wrestle (No don’t, it’s a joke, she’s not a wrestler), the loud mouth, and the one who states their opinion straight up with no shits given.  I will always speak my mind, and I will never sugarcoat anything.  Especially not when I talk about how amazing Axel Ricco is, and how he’s a living legend and needs to be booked in AEW as the champion right now…

I cover a variety of topics, anything from wrestling to entertainment, though my past has always been wrestling.  I love AAW, a Chicago-based promotion (Go check them out, they are AMAZING, and if you like tables?  Manders is your man.), and usually go to the live events when at all possible.  I haven’t written much lately due to various reasons, but that should change now.  I will also be covering OVW as well, and that’s where this short article comes in.  I wanted to talk to you for a moment, so sit down, have a seat, and let’s have a chat about Mr Pec-Tacular!

Jessie Godderz, the face that runs the place, the face of Fite TV, Mr. Pec-Tacular, THEE first-ever OVW National Champion, THEE longest reigning, defending, undisputed OVW National Champ-EEN for 522 days, The most Pec-Tacular man in the world, a man whos pecs are SO massive they had to start booking him outdoors… TWO TIME Big Brother celebrity, THEE SEVEN TIME and CURRENT OVW National Tag Champion, one-half of Pec-Tacular Guns, THEE former OVW Television Champion, The Modern Day Adonis, one half of THEE former OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, the man who has appeared on THIRTEEN Big Brother shows, one half of the Bro-Mans, Mr Pec-Daddy himself.  That’s a lot of titles for one man.  One very deserving man.  The most Pec-Tacular man one could say…

Jessie Godderz is arguably the most built man to ever grace TNA or OVW, a former bodybuilder, he has kept his impressive physique throughout the years.  Born in Rudd, Iowa, Jessie became a bodybuilder with World Natural Body Building Federation, and also signed up for professional wrestling.  Not knowing what they had at the time, they made Mr. Pec-Tacular what used to be called a “jobber”, now called an “Enhancement Talent”, someone who is booked to lose a match.  It’s not all bad, it’s a way to get your foot in the door, work with veteran talent and see how you stack up against the bigger names.

Jessie, obviously, impressed someone, because he was then signed to the original OVW, which at the time was a developmental territory.  He was actually signed to Impact, but OVW was the development territory at the time, where wrestlers honed their skills, much like the old NXT before Vince McMahon ruined it.  This was back in 2011, and Impact, then TNA, obviously saw his potential, as he quickly was crowned one half of the then Southern Tag Team Champions.  Five times.  Impressive.

I say “then” and “former” in this era, because this was a different OVW than what we know today.  This was, again, much like the original NXT, the old FCW (Great matches on youtube from FCW by the way, check them out).  These titles are not around anymore, and OVW is now its own organization.

But moving along, Jessie was then shipped off to the main roster of the then TNA, now known as Impact, and debuted as Lisa-Marie, then Tara’s, boyfriend, on October 14th, 2012, at Bound for Glory. He was billed as Tara’s “Hollywood Boyfriend”.  This would go on with Jessie not officially in the ring until November 1st, 2012, on an episode of Impact Wrestling, where he and Tara won an intergender handicapped match against ODB.  Tara of course would play a helping hand in this win, as any good girlfriend would do.  However, just seven days later, Jesse would again team up with his girlfriend Tara, and this time lose to ODB in (another?) intergender handicapped match.  Not one to put up with this loss, Mr. Pec-Tacular would then make his official pay-per-view at Turning Point, teaming with Tara against ODB once again, and this time, the madman Eric Young.  However, this would, again, result in a loss for the Hollywood Couple.  

Jump ahead to December 13th, the day that the then-billed Jessie Godderz would be, for the first time ever, in the main event of Impact, facing off against the violent Bully Ray.  This would, however, result in a loss, despite Tara’s best attempts, and Mr-Pectacular’s as well.

This would lead to a couple of months of Mr. Pec-Tacular helping Tara retain her title by interfering in her matches, leading up to January 31, 2013, where Mr. Pec-Tacular and his girlfriend Tara lost against Velvet Sky and James Storm.  Sorry, about your damn luck.

Fast forward again, this time to May 2nd, 2013, and the beginning of one of Mr. Pec-Tacular’s greatest tag run in Impact Wrestling as the Bro-Mans, with Robby E, and teaming with Joey Ryan, who the duo walked out on Ryan, leaving him to lose the match.  On June 27th, they would officially take on the name “The Bro-Mans”, and were accompanied by Tara still, and would right up until her contract release in July of that year.  It would take until October for The Bro-Mans to be crowned tag team champions, which they would reign until February, drop at a house show, then pick them back up again at a show in Japan, and finally drop them on April 26th, 2014 at Sacrifice to the Wolves, who they won the titles from, ironically.  The Bro-Mans would eventually break up in April of 2015, after a good run together, when Mr. Pec-Tacular turned on Robbie E for being the dead weight in the group.  They would reunite once more on March 22, 2016, and would remain a duo until Mr. Pec-tacular left Impact on June 9, 2017.  Another great run for the Bro-Mans.

Jessie would then make appearances on the independent circuit, even Lucha Underground, until his eventual return to THEE NEW OVW, now its own independent organization.  He would quickly win the TV championship but dropped it two days later.  But on September 29th, 2020, Mr. Pec-Tacular would win the National Championship, and become the champion for the longest reign in history, 522 days, before losing to the “crying tiger cub” as Mr. Pec-Tacular calls him, Mahabali Shera, the first-ever OVW champion from India.  It’s said that the ref fast counted Mr. Pec-Tacular, but I believe it was time for Mr. Pec-Tacular to drop the belt so he could look ahead to the main prize, the OVW World Heavyweight Champion.  Just think of the words as Mr. Pec-Tacular hoists that belt up high and they proclaim, “and NEW OVW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAM-PEEN, Mr. Pec-Tacular Jessie Godderz!”  

On a side note and more personal one, if it wasn’t for Jessie Godderz and his CONSTANT promotion, and Al Snow’s leadership (and bad jokes), I don’t think OVW would be where it is today These two men, Jessie especially, are always promoting OVW, always talking about it day and night.  If it weren’t for that, I would have never discovered OVW, and I’m sure glad I did.

OVW can be found on a ton of networks, as well as FITE TV weekly.  If you don’t know when, just check Jessie’s tweets, as he will always update every week with show times and any changes in the schedule, as well as what channels OVW is currently on.  HE can be found at @MrPEC_Tacular on Twitter, and OVW is LIVE every Thursday at 7 PM from Louisville, KY, unless otherwise stated 

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