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Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition Merchants: Get the Best Deals from Rog

Being the third expedition merchant in the Path of Exile (PoE) 3.15 expansion, Rog is one of the most profitable sources you can wish for in-game at the moment. You get to meet him during the middle of the second act and third act and unline Gwennan, all of Rog’s items are identified. You get to see all the modifiers of the PoE items he is selling and buy exactly what you pick.

Like all the merchants you can reroll Rog’s inventory with a Scrap Metal artefact, and in order to trade with you’ll need Lesser, Common, Greater, or Grand Order Artifacts. However, Rog offers a unique service in PoE 3.15. Think of him as another orb as he can upgrade everything he is currently selling. It is advised that you save Scrap Metal for later stages of the game as any PoE item is viable for a build during the early stages of the game.

After completing expedition encounters with Rog you’ll receive Order artefacts. Now go over to Rog’s stash and pick an item you want to buy. A new screen opens up where you can perform three actions on the chosen item. You can either take the item as it is. Or you can skip the current modifiers or upgrade for better ones.

Note that you can only skip once in a row and skipping increases the cost of the next craft by 50%. Also, the crafts are randomized and cost accordingly and you can only choose the specified upgrade as shown in the box such as “Reroll Suffixes 10 Times Keeping The Best Outcome”.

During one reroll session, it was found that even if you have more than enough artefacts for rerolls, you cannot go beyond a certain number. The Path of Exile (PoE) item was rolled eight times and skipped twice, after which Rog gave it to the player.

Now some players might prefer rolling with orbs rather than spending PoE currency on Rog. This is because farming Order Artifacts can get a bit tedious, and most players cannot afford the time amidst their busy schedules. If you’re one of them, you can simply buy PoE currency to reroll your item. Most of the websites have PoE orbs for sale so you’re sure to get a pretty good deal. It’s cheap, safe, and saves you hours’ worth of in-game grind.

Note that if you buy an item from Rog, you cannot buy another until you’ve taken the one you’re already holding. Even if you close the dialogue, Rog will show you the item you previously bought and didn’t take. It’s a cool trick as you can buy an item you cannot currently afford and leave it there until you have enough artefacts for a good roll.

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