Patton Oswalt announces virtual event, Keep Your Distance, Live From His Living Room!

2020 has been a rough year for stand-up comedians with countless performers having to plant their feet in the ground and figure out new ways to innovate their craft. With this announcement, Patton Oswalt is helping lead that way.

With the on going pandemic, stand-up comedy remains one of the few art forms that people turn towards when it comes to escaping reality, to enjoy some laughs.

With time not waiting on anybody in the stand-up game, comics began to take their craft towards services like Zoom or Skype, (to name a few) as a substitute for open mics. It was a rough start at first, and for some it still is with comics having to perform new and old material to a webcam with no live crowd.

In some parts of the country it has been getting better for some comics, but there are still not many live comedy events going on at the moment. Oswalt recently went onto social media to announce that he’s performing brand new material from the comfort of his home. On top of that excitement, Oswalt also went ahead to announce that immediately after the show there will be a “after-party”, in which he will take questions from the quarantined audience.

While this is great news for fans and people in general who are craving live entertainment during these trying times, this isn’t the first time that something similar has been done. Maria Bamford released The Special Special Special! back in 2012 and it later his Netflix’s library a few years later.

Bamford’s special was a success, and she did her entire performance from one shot the entire time from her home with only two audience members in attendance, her parents. Oswalts, Keep Your Distance is looking like an event you won’t want to miss this fall.

The virtual event takes place on Friday, October 23, at 9 p.m. ET, with tickets being $15 and available on the On Location Live website. Portion of the proceeds will also go towards charity for Alice’s Kids.

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