Pay-Per-View Review Podcast #17 – NXT TakeOver Phoenix & WWE Royal Rumble 2019

The first double header of 2019 sees NXT and WWE head to the desert. With the ‘Black and Gold’ brand having a heated TakeOver, with D.I.Y (either united or divided) look to walk out of Phoenix with all the males singles gold. The following day, 60 people will enter into the ring, with only 2 walking out with a golden ticket to WrestleMania. But was this weekend red-hot, or just luke warm? It’s our NXT TakeOver Phoenix and WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Pay-Per-View Review Podcast!


Join Matty Deller, Daniel McIver and Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah as they review NXT TakeOver Phoenix and WWE Royal Rumble 2019. They talk about how hair can physically cut a person, the amazing subtle storytelling in the NXT main event, who Matty full-on lost his mind for in the Rumble and what Joe cooked for his Royal Rumble party!


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