Pay-Per-View Review Podcast #21 – Right After WrestleMania 35 Reactions

Five friends, a few drinks, not enough sleep and a dad we can all be proud of – this is our Right After WrestleMania 35 Pay-Per-View Review Podcast!

Join Matty Deller, Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah, Dan Lloyd and Daniel Mciver as they give their unfiltered reactions right after WrestleMania 35 came to an end. They talk about the emotion surrounding Kofi Kingston and The Iiconics, revel in the debut of Falltista, worship The Miz‘s dad for being the greatest dad alive and discuss whatever went down during the main event.

Also, there’s a lot of stumbling, bumbling and reading of tweets and match-times becuase it was 5:45am when it was recorded and they had forgotten what sleep was at that point.


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