PROGRESS Chapter 71: F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S Results | June 10th 2018

PROGRESS hit Sheffield once again for an event full of matches with big stipulations and matches that had big implications on the road to Wembley Arena.

In front of a packed o2 Academy in Sheffield, Jinny scraped by her impromptu challenger of NXT star Dakota Kai. Fellow NXT star Steffanie Newell was scheduled to face the champ, but following a knee injury at the NXT Download Festival shows, Kai took her place. Not even a belt shot from Jinny’s second Chakara was enough to see off the tenacious Kai but one acid rainmaker later, Jinny still held the gold.

Jimmy Havoc‘s road to rediscover his psychotic side didn’t get off to the best of starts as he fell in his speciality, a deathmatch to Spike Trivet. In a contest that many have described as ultimately uncomfortable to watch, Trivet brutalized Havoc with four unprotected chair shots to the head to seal the win, and give Havoc another setback on his journey to Wembley and Will Ospreay.

Travis Banks‘ road to Wembley now has a big Austrian roadblock as Walter secured himself a title shot in a stipulation laden tag match. Walter’s tag team partner Jack Sexsmith had a title shot of his own in hand, but instead he sent Banks’ partner TK Cooper into the path of a Walter lariat, meaning that with that pinfall victory Travis Banks must defend against the giant Austrian.

In an international tall boys contest, Chris Brookes overcame the challenge of Angelico by dropping him with the Luther Vandross Driver. Brookes then went to go and address the C.C.K situation, but Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Haskins interrupted and tried to put a beatdown on Brookes. However, Kid Lykos made a shocking return to save his tag team partner and C.C.K are seemingly back together and ready to take the Thunderbastard Tag Team Series.

Ealier on in the show, Webster and Haskins (in full orange convict jumpsuit attire) bested The Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr) in a Thunderbastard Tag Team Series match. They secured the points via a Webster low blow on Santos for the win.

Mark Davis secured his berth in the Natural Progression Series final, beating Danny Duggan with a brutal right hook to set up the final next month against Chris Ridgeway in what is sure to be a hard hitting encounter.

Finally, We also crowned a new number one contender to Atlas Champion Doug Williams as Michael Dante beat Damien Corvin with a vicious spear to secure a title shot down the line.

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