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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 101 ‘Dalmatians’ Results – January 19th, 2020

It’s a new era for PROGRESS, but there was more change than expected come the end of Chapter 101…

  • Before the show began, PROGRESS Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis interrupted proceedings and announced that due to a separated shoulder which he suffered at the recent NXT UK tapings, he will have to relinquish the championship. However, Dennis was set to hand the belt over to his F.S.U teammate Mark Andrews until Matt Richards interrupted to say that we will crown a new champion, but in a four way elimination match with three qualifying matches joining number one contender Cara Noir in the main event.
  • PROGRESS World Title qualifier: Ilja Dragunov defeated Mark Andrews via pinfall in seconds when Ilja hit Torpedo Moscow.
  • Post-match, a visibly annoyed Dennis shoved Andrews away and stormed to the back.
  • Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) via pinfall
  • PROGRESS World Title Qualifier: Kyle Fletcher defeated LJ Cleary via pinfall, with a jumping tombstone piledriver.
  • PROGRESS Proteus Title, World Title Qualifier: Champion Paul Robinson defeated A-Kid via submission, following a curb stomp with a half crab for the win to retain the gold and qualify.
  • Destination Everywhere (The O.J.M.O & The N.I.C) defeated Do Not Resuscitate (Spike Trivet, Danny Duggan & Bill Eaver) via pinfall when The N.I.C hit the power-play on Duggan.
  • PROGRESS Womens Title: Champion Jinny defeated Mercedez Blaze via pinfall following a rain rainmaker, to retain the title.
  • Post-match, Jinny cut a promo asking to be added to the Gisele Shaw vs Dani Luna match at Chapter 102, and make it for the PROGRESS Women’s Title! However, Charli Evans interrupted and Millie McKenzie attacked Jinny as The Medusa Complex attacked the champion!
  • PROGRESS World Title: Cara Noir defeated Ilja Dragunov, Kyle Fletcher & Paul Robinson to win the title!
    • Kyle Fletcher eliminated Paul Robinson via pinfall following a jumping tombstone.
    • Cara Noir eliminated Kyle Fletcher via pinfall when Cara fell on top of Fletcher following a Torpedo Moscow from Dragunov.
    • Cara Noir defeated Ilja Dragunov via pinfall to win the title via Torpedo Moscow and a package piledriver.
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