PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 102 ‘Bang Tidy’ Results – February 2nd, 2020

PROGRESS Wrestling’s new era continues as they head to Wales for the first time ever.

Chris Ridgeway defeated ELIJAH via pinfall

In a spirited debut for ELIJAH, he fell short after a vicious punt to the head by Ridgeway, followed up by an arm-trap German suplex for the win.

Mark Andrews defeated Ilja Dragunov via pinfall

In a back and forth contest, Mark Andrews avenged his shock loss at Chapter 101 thanks to Eddie Dennis, who removed the middle turnbuckle meaning a charging Dragunov hit his head on exposed steel on a missed Torpedo Moscow, followed up by Andrews’ shooting star press.

Post-match, Eddie Dennis vows to bring the PROGRESS World Title back into F.S.U, as Gene Munny hands out #Gene4SSS16 flags to the crowd…

PROGRESS Proteus Title, Submission or Knockout: Champion Paul Robinson defeated Danny Jones via knockout to retain his title

The hometown hero came close, but Robinson won another title match via knockout when he dropped Jones with a low blow and laid in the hammer fists until the referee called for the bell.

Before the interval, Gene Munny invaded the ring and cut an impassioned speech about wanting to be in the 2020 Super Strong Style 16.

PROGRESS Tag Team Titles: Champions Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis defeated Anti-Fun Police (Los Federales Santos Jr. & Chief Deputy Dunne) via pinfall to retain their titles

The champions retained their gold in a highly competitive match that could of gone either way after Dunne gets hit with a spike package piledriver from the champs.

PROGRESS Women’s Title: Champion Jinny defeated Dani Luna and Gisele Shaw via pinfall to retain the title

The crowd chanted ‘anyone but Jinny’ but it was anything but as Jinny survived a brutal contest, hitting Luna with the Acid Rainmaker to retain the gold. This was Dani Luna and Gisele Shaw’s best outings to date.

PROGRESS World Title: Champion Cara Noir defeated Chris Brookes via submission to retain the title

In a wild affair that saw ref bumps, thumbtacks and Kid Lykos all involved; The Black Swan rose from a brutal drop into the tracks to force Chris Brookes to tap out to the ‘Death Clutch’ rear naked choke.

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