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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 79 ‘One Big Neck With Sausage Hands’ Results – A New Alliance Takes Over PROGRESS

Check out the results from PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 79; ‘One Big Neck With Sausage Hands’ as a new force made itself known in PROGRESS Wrestling.

As we head towards to the end of the year, PROGRESS seems to be heading into 2019 with a new group of young stars that seem hell bent on taking out the old guard.

The match between Jimmy Havoc and Drew Parker never even began as they brawled around the Electric Ballroom, only for Spike Trivet to come out and blast Havoc with a steel chair. It seemed that the cavalry had arrived in the form of William Eaver and Chuck Mambo, but the worst was yet to come and they both attacked Havoc, joining with Parker and Trivet. They tried to end Havoc’s career, trapping his arms and legs in several chairs and stomping down on them but it seems they have just made ‘The King Of The Goths’ madder than ever.

This quartet also decided to take out PROGRESS originals Eddie Dennis and Mark Haskins, following Dennis’ victory. Where this war will go from here, remains to be seen but Parker and friends have set themselves some huge mountains to climb to make a name for themselves in PROGRESS Wrestling.

The issues between Travis Banks and David Starr have yet to be decided even with Banks seeing off Starr in their phenomenal singles match with his ‘Slice of Heaven’ kick into a unassuming Starr. The two brawled post-match, with Starr standing tall for this time.

We also had a duo of debuts in Camden, with Jordynne Grace being successful in her main chapter bow against Isla Dawn, forcing her to tap out with a bearhug. Team Tremendous also made their full PROGRESS debut, coming up short against The Anti-Fun Police.

Trent Seven was successful in another PROGRESS Atlas Division Championship open challenge, beating one half of the PROGRESS Tag Team Champions Kyle Fletcher via submission with a figure four leg lock.

Jinny and Laura Di Matteo won in tag team action against Charlie Morgan and Nina Samuels. In a heated affair, Jinny picked up the win when she pinned Samuels with her ripcord liger kick combination. Finally, Mark Andrews still cannot pick up a win after he lost to the red-hot Jordan Devlin, following a spinning firemans carry driver.



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