PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 85 ‘PROGRO.NAUT’ Results – Two Qualify For Super Strong Style 2019.

PROGRESS ventured down to the south coast for the first time, and the field for this years Super Strong Style 16 took further shape.

A former combatant and a debutante won their respective qualifying matches, earning a berth at the three day tournament in Alexandra Palace.

DJZ will enter the sixteen-man field for the first time, defeating Angelico with a Super ZDT, and Jordan Devlin bested Austin Theory with a package piledriver to get back into the tournament he was in last year.

There was a third qualifying match, but this time it was to earn a spot in the four-way contest for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship. Millie McKenzie won, defeating Session Moth Martina with a spear as Jinny looked on. She then beat down both opponents, still furious at her inability to qualify herself.

Do Not Resuscitate picked up a huge win in the main event, scraping out a win in a wild six-man tag team match. as Spike Trivet, Bill Eaver and Chuck Mambo beat Mark Haskins, Jimmy Havoc and Eddie Dennis when Eaver used a spare turnbuckle to take out Haskins, leaving Trivet to pick up the win.

Another group in the ascendancy is the newly-reformed South Pacific Power Trip. TK Cooper and NIWA assisted their stablemate Travis Banks, leading to him defeating El Phantasmo with the Slice of Heaven.

The 198 made a claim to the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships, when they defeated yet another team in the shape of the Anti-Fun Police, when Wild Boar Mike Hitchman dropped Chief Deputy Dunne with the Trapper Keeper for the victory.

Finally, Trent Seven was set to face Jody Fleisch but still picked up the win against another man when Jody was unable to perform. His opponent ended up being Ligero, who Seven finished off with the burning hammer for the victory.

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