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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 89 ’26th May 1988′ Results

PROGRESS Wrestling turn back the clock and we bring you the results from Chapter 89, way back in 26th May, 1988..,

PROGRESS turn back the clock to 1988 for a night of retro wrestling action with the stars of yesteryear…

  • Davey America defeated “The Babayaga” Idris Alexiyev via pinfall
  • The Doctor defeated Marty Fox via pinfall, following using time travel to negate Fox’s pinfall victory.
  • Wally Handford defeated The Teflon Sheik via pinfall.
  • The Sheepwhacker Cousins (Cousin Cooper, Cousin Travis and Brother NIWA) defeated Blumenfeld, Harrington-Smythe & Jones via pinfall.
  • Johnny Swayze defeated The Kung-Fu Kid via pinfall.
  • Candy Lauper defeated “The Look” Mariah Eagan via submission.
  • Detective Inspector Colin Klein defeated Bid Daddy Overkill via pinfall. Constable Lieutenant Inspector Terrence also took Big Momma Cherry to sexy 80’s jail!
If you really don’t believe in timetravel and want to know who everyone was, check the next page…..


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