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PROGRESS Wrestling – Chapter 94 ‘Physician, Heal Thyself’ Review

Daniel Leggett reviews this past weekends PROGRESS Wrestling event, Chapter 94 – ‘Physician, Heal Thyself’.

Since Super Strong Style 16 2019, Progress Wrestling have been on the road to the return to Alexandra Palace for Chapter 95: Still Chasing.

Chapter 94 was the last stop until the one-day tournament of the Natural Progression Series and the Alexandra Palace marquee show. With that in mind here’s the results of how each match went and my thoughts leading into Chapter 95 on Sunday 15th September 2019.

Pre-Show: Danny Black vs. Rex Armstrong

Chapter 94’s Pre-Show came from the former Progress Dojo wrestling school Knucklelocks, and features two rising stars. Danny Black, who is a name being thrown around as one of the next big stars to come out of the school, and Rex Armstrong, who has made a name for himself at Battle Pro Wrestling.

Both wrestlers put on a solid bout, with Danny Black getting a good amount of crowd support and Rex receiving some heat and chant of “Friendly Dinosaur” from the Progress faithful.

Both guys showed how they have potential with Danny Black picking up the win via pinfall after a Double Spring Cutter. Knucklelocks School of Wrestling should be very proud of both guys and are constantly providing British Wrestling with a conveyor belt of talented wrestlers for the future.

Main show

The show then started in the usual way – Jim Smallman making his way to the ring and delivering his now trademark catchphrase, “Hiya”. Jim welcomed everyone to the show and pointed out that he was wearing shorts because it was too damn hot. God bless the Ballrooms air-con. Eddie Dennis’ time as announcer at Chapter 93 had still left a mark on the crowd as instead of chanting the usual “It’s Your Round” chant we instead received Eddie’s “Welcome Friends”. Jim Smallman then recovered his composure after being caught off guard and got the show under way with the first of two ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ tournament matches.

Nina Samuels (Replacing Candy Floss) vs. Chakara

Before this match got underway Jim announced that due to being unwell Candy Floss was unable to compete, fortunately, they had found a replacement in the tournament which turned out to be NXT UK’s Nina Samuels!

Both Nina and Chakara out on a good hard hitting bout with momentum swaying both ways. In the end Nina Samuels managed to pick up the win and move onto the final after rolling Chakara up for the pinfall victory!

Chakara performed really well in the match and she is destined to become a star in the future. Nina Samuels has been showing how great of a wrestler she is with her great showings on the WWE Network for NXT UK and her matches for Progress Wrestling.

Jordynne Grace vs. Dani Luna

The second match of the show featured the Progress Wrestling Women’s Champion, Jordynne Grace, defending her championship in a RODL semi-final match against Dani Luna.

This match was Jordynne’s first match in England for Progress since SSS16 and only her second match since winning the belt at Unboxing Live! 3 in December 2018.

Another solid showing from both wrestlers as Jordynne was able to display more of her cocky persona and her incredible power game, whilst Dani was showed the Progress faithful just what she’s about and that she is set to become a big name within British Wrestling.

Jordynne Grace picked up a win in this match after finishing Dani with the Grave Driver (Here It Is Driver). This win meant that Jordynne retained the title and moved on to the final to face Nina Samuels, with the winner going on to Chapter 95 and defending the Women’s Championship against Meiko Satamura.

South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & NIWA) vs. Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

The first of two tag matches on the night’s card featured the return of fan favourites, the Anti Fun Police against a team who seem to be having some communication problems in the South Pacific Power Trip.

This was the Anti Fun Police’s first match in Progress since March wrestling in Bournemouth and Newcastle. The team that are usually featured as heels in most places received one of the very biggest pops of the night as fans enjoyed seeing two very talented wrestlers returning to the Ballroom.

TK Cooper and NIWA went into the match after a loss to CCK whilst stablemate Travis Banks was on the losing side to Ricky Shane Page. This, therefore, left the South Pacific Power Trip in a state of panic and had people wondering if the Trip were fine.

This match was really good. It started with some usual comedy spot from Los Federales Santos Jr and even a lucha roll from referee Paz. The middle contained some good strong wrestling with both teams hitting signature tag moves. One spot I really enjoyed was seeing TK Cooper running across the apron to the turnbuckle and hit an Asai Moonsault from the second rope.

The South Pacific Power Trip ended up picking up the win here when NIWA hit Deputy Dunne with an assisted Cradle Belly-To-Back Piledriver. This match showed that the pairing of TK & NIWA works as a well-oiled machine, and even though the Anti Fun Police picked up the loss in the match, the crowd gave them a great reception.

Present William Eaver vs. Paul Robinson

The final bout of the first half was originally set to be Paul Robinson in a rematch against Lucky Kid, but due to travel issues the match was changed the day before. The match still carried the same stipulation – the winner would be granted last place into the Proteus Rumble, whilst the loser had to enter first.

This was the first match in the Ballroom for Robinson since he cut the passionate speech on WALTER and David Starr and was therefore greeted with huge love from the Progress faithful. Eaver however, entered with his fellow Do Not Resuscitate members alongside and the hatred of the Ballroom. I must add that I do enjoy the relationship between William Eaver and Spike Trivet and how they play so well off each other.

The match itself was solid, with lots of interference from Spike and Mambo but this meant Paul Robinson managed to look strong as he was always able to shut them both down.

Overall the interference was just too much for Paul Robinson, as Chuck Mambo managed to hit Robinson with a chair behind the referee’s back, and William Eaver finished Robinson with a lariat.

This means that at Alexandra Palace it will be Paul Robinson entering the Proteus Rumble first and William Eaver entering with the greatest chance of winning, last.

Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs. Do Not Resuscitate (Spike Trivet & Chuck Mambo)

The second half started almost the same way the first half ended, with Do Not Resuscitate in the ring wrestling in a match that had stakes for Chapter 95. This time it was the team of Chuck Mambo & Spike Trivet vs. former Progress Tag Team Champions Aussie Open, in a match that would determine who would face the Progress Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Grizzled Young Veterans, at Alexandra Palace.

This tag match went very long, possibly in my opinion a little too long. It was a match featuring a lot of shenanigans by Do Not Resuscitate and great teamwork by Aussie Open. DnR found themselves on the receiving end of a lot of choice words from the Progress fans and the match seemed to take a while to get going.

The final stretch of the match saw Spike Trivet knock out referee Joel Allen which led to a run in from William Eaver. The three members of DnR then begin to beat down and attack the team of Aussie Open until a save from a pissed off Paul Robinson. After Robinson had cleared the ring of Bill Eaver we had a run of near falls until Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher hit the Fidget Spinner for the win. This win now means that at Alexandra Palace, Aussie Open will get their rematch for the Progress Wrestling Tag Team Championships against the Grizzled Young Veterans.

After the match Do Not Resuscitate were standing in the ring discussing what went wrong in the match when The O.J.M.O’s music hit and he came to the stage. He took in the crowd support before cutting a promo on Spike Trivet. He teased potentially joining DnR by stating that when Spike offered him a place he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. However O.J.M.O finished off the promo by staying Hell No to joining DnR and heading to the back. Could this be leading to The O.J.M.O vs. Spike match sometime down the line?

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Brookes

The penultimate match of the show was the match that would decide the stipulation of LAX vs. CCK at the Natural Progression show, the day before Chapter 95. The match saw Eddie Kingston making his Electric Ballroom debut against Chris Brookes, who was representing LuCCKy.

Before the bell sounded the match descended into chaos with Kingston and Brookes fighting in the crowd. Eddie Kingston managed to send Brookes into almost every chair at ringside before Chris Brookes turned the tide and managed to get some offense back on Kingston. That was until Brookes really pissed off Eddie Kingston who decided to take it out on Brookes’ merch – he stormed over and flipped Chris’ table. Eddie then took the table the stock was placed on and brought it into the match, however it ended up being Eddie himself that went through it.

Once the action finally made its way to the ring the match itself was very short lived. Some decent back and forth action and a lot of defiance by Chris Brookes. The finish came when Eddie Kingston beat down Chris Brookes on the outside and left him there for a count out victory – a theme in CCK vs. LAX matches. Eddie then pulled Chris Brookes onto the stage, inflicted more punishment and announced that the match at the one day Natural Progression Tournament would be a no rules street fight!

Jordynne Grace vs. Nina Samuels

The final match of the night was the final of the Revelations of Divine Love tournament and was a match for the Progress Wrestling Women’s Championship. Jordynne Grace, the current champion, was going into the match after making eight successful defences including one earlier in the night against Dani Luna. Nina Samuels was heading into the match as a last minute replacement to Candy Floss and earning a victory over Chakara.

During the early stages, it was clear that the crowd were burnt out from the match before and the match had plenty of quiet spells. However, the wrestlers managed to wake the crowd up as they got more and more behind challenger Nina Samuels.

Both women managed to put on a good showing and the final stretch of the match had some great near falls and unpredictability as to who would come out as the winner, with Nina Samuels managing to kick out after a Grave Driver. However it was the champion who managed the walk away with the win after hitting Nina Samuels with the second Grave Driver of the bout, successfully defending her championship. This victory meant that at Chapter 95: Still Chasing it will be Jordynne Grace vs. Meiko Satomura.

After the match Jordynne Grace soaked in the hate from the Progress faithful before called for a microphone and declaring that she is now ready for a real challenger in Meiko Satomura. Jordynne then walked to the back and Jim Smallman took to the ring to send the crowd home!

Overall, the show was good. It had some great matches, the tag match featuring Anti Fun Police and South Pacific Power Trip. All four wrestlers went out there to put on the very best match they could and it really showed. Great comedy, great action and a finish that continued on a storyline.

I enjoyed the tease by The O.J.M.O about joining DnR and I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes – we might see some tension during O.J.M.O’s matches at the Natural Progression Series.

Progress now head to the Electric Ballroom on September 14th for the Natural Progression Series and tickets are still available online. I recommend that you come along to the show if you’re able to and witness the next generation of British Wrestling.

The next day Progress Wrestling head to Alexandra Palace for Chapter 95:Still Chasing and as the card stands we will see, WALTER(c) vs. David Starr for the Progress Wrestling Unified Championship, Grizzled Young Veterans (c) vs. Aussie Open for the Progress Wrestling Tag Team Championships, Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Meiko Satomura for the Progress Wrestling Women’s Championship, the return of Pete Dunne, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee vs. Moustache Mountain and a rumble match for the brand new Proteus Championship. Tickets are still available for this show and I highly recommend you purchase them today!

Chapter 94 will be available to watch on demand soon so keep an eye out for it!

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