PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 98 ‘May I Play Devils Advocate For A Minute’ Preview

Dei Owen previews PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 98: May I Play Devils Advocate For A Minute

PROGRESS Wrestling rolls into Camden’s Electric Ballroom this Sunday with a very exciting card.

The sold-out Chapter 98 sees multiple high-stake matches. From an interesting Women’s Championship number one contender match to a huge Tag Team Title clash, PROGRESS is heading towards a very strong end of the year. Let’s take a closer look at the matches in store for Sunday.

PROGRESS Proteus Championship: Paul Robinson (c) vs. Timothy Thatcher 

Reigning Proteus Champion Paul Robinson is set to make his third title defense this Sunday. His opponent, Timothy Thatcher, will be Robinson’s biggest challenge yet as he is as hard-hitting as he is technically proficient. With Robbo’s chosen stipulation meaning that knockouts and submissions are the only means of victory, the champion will be forced to change his approach when going up against someone the caliber of Thatcher. 

This match marks Thatcher’s return to PROGRESS after his loss to Trent Seven at Chapter 84 back in February this year. He will be trying to build some momentum going forward, and a win here against Robinson looks like a very real possibility. 

Travis Banks vs. TK Cooper

Next up, we have a grudge match between two former friends. “The whole trip is fine”, said TK Cooper after attacking a downed Travis Banks at Chapter 96. With NIWA in his corner, Cooper puts his money where his mouth is this Sunday and steps up to Banks one-on-one. Sure, Banks might be outnumbered on this occasion but after months of aggravation and a cowardly attack from Cooper, the Kiwi Buzzsaw will be more than ready to make an example of his former South Pacific Power Trip stablemate. 

FSU (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews) vs. Destination Everywhere (Connor Mills & The OJMO)

After a successful in-ring return from injury at last weekend’s NXT UK tapings in Hull, PROGRESS Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis makes his return to PROGRESS where he teams with FSU partner Mark Andrews to take on Destination Everywhere’s Connor Mills and The OJMO.

Mills came up short to Mark Andrews in the opening match of Chapter 97 and was the victim of a post-match attack. Alongside David Starr, The OJMO ran out to save Mills from FSU. This seems to have caused some dissension between Mills and The OJMO and The NIC. With The NIC let down by Mills and The OJMO not helping them during Do Not Resuscitate’s co-ordinated attack at Chapter 97, could that be a reason for Destination Everywhere to come up short during this match? The momentum is certainly more in FSU’s favour.

PROGRESS Women’s Championship #1 Contender Match: Toni Storm vs. Jinny

Meiko Satomura’s challenger at Chapter 99 is to be decided this weekend in a match that harks back to a rivalry that is synonymous with the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship as Toni Storm goes face-to-face with career-long rival Jinny. The two women have not met in PROGRESS since Wembley, but Jinny’s shock appearance after Storm’s loss at Chapter 96  has reignited a rivalry that has transcended PROGRESS. 

Storm and Jinny have fought all over the world, including NXT UK and in the Mae Young Classic last year. Since then, however, Jinny seems to have changed her approach. The lights coming up in Manchester revealed that she now channels the mentality of her trainer, Jimmy Havoc as she hopes to regain the PROGRESS Women’s Championship. Both competitors in this match have come a long way since their last encounter in the Electric Ballroom, and this match could be the one to stand out amongst the rest.

The NIC (Oisin Delaney & Charlie Carter) vs. Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker)

Oisin Delaney and Charlie Carter get a chance at revenge against Pretty Deadly after their cowardly co-ordinated attack at Chapter 97. With The NIC’s attention drawn towards Spike Trivet’s video message on the screen, Howley and Stoker hit Carter and Delaney from behind and aligned themselves with Do Not Resuscitate. This came as a shock to many as Pretty Deadly were already making a name for themselves without DnR’s help, but now it seems that The NIC has more of a disadvantage than ever before. 

Should things kick off, Destination Everywhere’s Connor Mills and The OJMO will be on hand to lend The NIC a helping hand, but DnR seems to be a continuously growing entity, meaning that an attack could come from any angle. Perhaps Destination Everywhere needs to expand in response to DnR.

David Starr vs. Danny Duggan

There is no escape from DnR. Current number one contender David Starr is set to face NPS finalist and DnR’s own Danny Duggan. Straight up, this match could steal the show. David Starr is consistently having incredible matches all over Europe and has great momentum, whilst Danny Duggan came out of the Natural Progression Series looking like a million bucks. 

Duggan will be looking to derail Starr’s momentum leading into his big Unified World Title match against Eddie Dennis at Chapter 99, likely with DnR’s helping hand. Could Starr’s friendship with The OJMO be enough to convince the rest of Destination Everywhere to be in his corner in this match? He faces being massively outnumbered if not. 

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship: Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis (c) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Sunday’s main event sees a huge PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match as reigning champions Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis are set to face NXT’s Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. This is a huge opportunity for Davis, in particular, to make a name for himself in a pool of some of NXT’s best talent. 

Devlin on the other hand, we know can naturally adapt towards his opponent’s style. We’ve seen him have a technical masterpiece against Kyle O’Reilly at Super Strong Style 16 earlier this year, whilst also going strike-for-strike with Ilja Dragunov at Chapter 91. The Irish Ace is truly one of the most versatile and adaptive wrestlers in the world, and this match will be yet another example of his excellence. 

All-in-all, it is easy to see why Chapter 98 is already sold out. The matches look incredible and the stories that accompany them are very intriguing. With a focus on European wrestling’s top independent prospects, PROGRESS is in a very healthy position as 2019 comes to a close. 

Resale tickets for Chapter 98 can be found via PROGRESS Wrestling’s Twickets page.

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