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Rico and Vega, the best in AAW

Axel Rico and Rico De La Vega are the best tag team to ever grace any wrestling ring in the entire world. WhenLa Sociedad Boricua get into the ring, everyone goes silent in pure and utter awe of these absolute fantastic wrestlers. No one can top them in the entire roster of any wrestling organization. These men are just absolutely fantastic and are a site to behold.

From Cameraguygimmik on twitter, go check him out, he’s better than these guys.

From their debut in AAW whenever it was, to their perfectly legitimate tactics of bullying…er..persuading, AAW management, these two very much absolutely deserve their spot on the AAW Roster. Axel and Rico are the two cleanest, most fair fighters in all of AAW, and they should become tag team champions.

Picture courtesy of Top Rope Belts, because I give credits on pictures unlike two guys that may or may not be in this article who never give credit
These for sure are not the AAW Tag Belts after La Sociedad Boricua try to pawn them off for money. Most assuredly not.

Axel and Rico are the best wrestlers in AAW, and should be treated as thus. I mean sure, Skye Blue beat them up unjustly when they were just there as fans, and her opponent in a basic 3v1 match, and they forced…er…talked…their way into joining AAW, Axel and Rico should be the kings of AAW, and definitely not the bottom of the barrel where they belong…er… definitely don’t belong.

Skye Blue, who absolutely beat the crap out of La Sociedad Boricua at United We Stand, and has more titles than they ever will

They uh…oh they have merch too, you can buy their merch and help them to not be homeless bums…er…help them acquire a new house so they can better to wrestle in the ranks of the esteemed AAW ranks.

Help La Sociedad Boricua get out of this house and move to a nicer one! Buy some merch!

I mean, they’re definitely not thugs. They uh, smartly maneuver their way into situations, and definitely never cheat, using only “creative methods” to score victories and wins over their opponents. These two are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and should be the top of the AAW Roster. These two men are a force to be…I said that already. Just keep an eye on them, they’re the most fantastic wrestlers to ever grace the ring in AAW.

That’s Axel Rico on the ground after he met Russ Jones and lost a 2v1 match. His partner, Rico De La Vega, is standing terrified in the back
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