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Why Ring of Honor is the promotion to watch in 2018

Ring of Honor are looking to have a banner year. Lola Bradbury looks at the reasons why ROH is the one to watch in 2018.

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2018 is arguably the biggest year yet for Ring of Honor.

“COO” Joe Koff knows where to thrive not only with advertising but how to compete with the pool of “Sports Entertainment”, and be the one to stand out. Despite the challenges, not only with grabbing the casual fan of wrestling’s attention but to showcase the ‘best of the best’.

ROH is very close if not already to showing the world that it’s not to be counted out. To be fair, as a huge fan of the company myself it’s exciting to see growth and change. However, if you’re not a fan or don’t have time to watch, here are a few reasons why you should be hyped for Ring of Honor this year.


When hearing the date “April 7th, 2018” what do you immediately think of? The obvious event is “NXT Takeover NOLA” and the ever building Gargano/Ciampa feud. Which to be honest, I didn’t think could be topped.

However, the January 29th episode “Bullet Club is Fine” of “Being the Elite” changed that view completely. Also, stirring up wrestling twitter for a while after. At the end of the episode, it was announced (three months in advance and the ONLY match announced for that huge PPV) that Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes would be facing off.

The dissension between the group has been ongoing throughout the YouTube series “canon”, as well within NJPW (reuniting of the “Golden Lovers”) and Cody taking issue of leadership.

This is definitely a “game changer” amidst NOLA ‘Mania weekend.


Towards the end of 2017, there was a bit of a buzz revolving around the potential of a “ROH streaming service” being launched. We were all holding our breaths hoping that the surfacing rumors were true.

Not to disappoint the waiting following of ROH community, it was announced on February 2nd, 2018 that the “#HonorClub launch is imminent.”

The service dubbed “Honor Club” has had no official beta release date as of yet. Stated on the OFFICIAL (rohwrestling.com) press release:

“At initial launch, HonorClub will be available on your computer or personal device through ROHWrestling.com. HonorClub will also be available through the new ROH App on Android and iOS, and channels on Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV as a Beta version for select fans. In an effort to provide fans with a quality user experience, these platforms will be tested thoroughly during this phase with an official launch coming very soon.”

As stands, the monthly cost for the service will be $9.99 monthly, which includes:

  • Live streaming & VOD’s (including complete access to older ROH event/Tv archives)
  • 50% off ROH’s “major PPVS”
  • Exclusive online forum for the “Honor Club” community
  • Exclusive access to all ticket pre-sales, as well as 15% off of the entire ROH merchandise shop/ “branded products”

(** The other payment option is a YEARLY fee of $120, which includes all of the above.  With the exception of all “major PPVS” included free.)

The reasons to invest in this service are more than self explanatory. It’s now easier than ever to not only get into ROH, but become a Ring Of Honor fan.


Speaking of investing, On the January 14th, 2018 TV ROH episode, “COO” Joe Koff had finally had enough of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian’s tyranny within the locker room and match interference. The final straw? After the attack on the “Hung Bucks” (Adam Page, Matt & Nick Jackson), at Final Battle 2017.

Koff had made it clear that due to their shenanigans, that after “Final Battle 2018” that the duo were done. Despite Daniels’ threats to spill the secrets of brand extensions shared between the two of them during his time as World Champion, Koff was not intimidated.

Does this mean that this could be a possible lead to The Addiction hanging up their boots after well more than a decade? Or could it be just another “kayfabe” scheme to get more eyes on one of the biggest ROH PPVS?

Only time will show the true end game.


Since Final Battle 2017, we’ve seen a completely different side to The Briscoes. Without a doubt, they are one of the toughest, if not the toughest tag team on the ROH roster. Mark and Jay have been there since the very first day and continue to prove themselves, not only with flexibility and reinvention of character, but their “hard hitting,smash mouth” in ring style. Which to be honest is the definition of scary good.

Even as individual competitors they always manage to find their way back together. With a ridiculously impressive resume of title holds, they want to go for a NINTH tag title reign. There’s only one obstacle in the way, which would happen to be the CURRENT champions, the Motor City Machine Guns.

With this almost violent mindset from Mark and Jay, they have made their intentions perfectly clear. The tag team titles are THEIR property and that this ‘isn’t personal against MCMG’s, it’s personal against everybody.”

Having taken Chris Sabin out of the equation after leaving him incapacitated with a head first “Jay Driller” shot into a steel chair, it allows Shelley almost vulnerable. Despite by himself, he tried to fight back at the “Honor Reigns Supreme” PPV, which lead him to the same fate as Sabin.

Going in, this absolutely makes the Briscoes look strong with the “Sandy Fork vs Everybody” attitude.

All in all, There’s so much to look forward to in the upcoming year within the company. Stepping up their came not only when it comes to business, but also with new ideas for character and so much more.

Ring of Honor should have all eyes kept on it.



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