Indy: Ring Of Honor – Final Battle 2015 Results 18/12/15

Ring Of Honor Wrestling held their annual Final Battle PPV on Friday 18th December, and what better venue  to host than The 2300 Arena, formally known as the ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA!

– Cheeseburger defeated ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans in an online exclusive match.

Number One Contender Match
ANX defeated The Young Bucks & The Briscoes

Did you get your tickets to the Superkick Party!? A solid opening bout with spots galore, leading to Mark, Jay and Kenny eating superkicks #6,7,8, then Titus gets #9. In comes the Meltzer Driver, but Mark breaks up the count. Superkick #10, but ANX rebound to hit a dropkick combo. ANX hits the Super One Night Stand and pick up the win.

Silas Young (w/ The Boys) defeated Dalton Castle

Another great match, opened up with Dalton Castle showing off his amateur wrestling skills against Silas Young. Castle. The Boys cause a distraction allowing Young to floor Castle. Back and forth between the two into the turnbuckles and using the corners as Young gets the upper hand. Silas with a slingshot stomp and a front suplex, and Castle kicks out at one.

Castle fights back with knees and removes the ringside mats, Young spears him between the corner ropes for a close two count.  Back and forth again between the two as Young grabs one of the Boys, who Castle runs in to. Young hits Misery for the win.

Michael Elgin defeated Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway) via pinfall.

The two men begin brawling. Punch after punch on each other. Elgin with the suplex (delayed) on Moose who gets straight back up and hits the jabs. Moose hits a bicycle kick and a fallaway slam, Elgin hits Moose with a couple of German suplexes. Moose still not phased hits his patented Super Dropkick for a two count.

Elgin hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron, followed by a corkscrew senton for another two count. Elgin hits a pop-up powerbomb into a deadlift Elgin Bomb as Moose kicks out. Incredible stuff! Moose hits a Buckle Bomb followed by a Spear for yet another two count Moose is pushed off the top rope and Elgin hits a Burning Hammer for the win.

The two shake hands after the match.

Adam Cole defeated Kyle O’Reilly

Cole starts off with the offence, grabs a chair and gets put down in it and kicked by O’Reilly. They get back in the ring as Cole pushes O’Reilly off the top rope and goes for the Figure 4. O’Reilly dives on Cole and lands a few hits, but Cole turns it into a single-leg crab as O’Reilly gets the ropes.

Kyle with knees and kicks, but it does damage to his leg. O’Reilly slaps Cole, then Cole flips him off just as O’Reilly gets Cole in an armbar. Cole stomps his way out and hits a running knee on O’Reilly and after a RegalPlex O’Reilly gets a two count on Cole. O’Reilly puts the double wristlock, then an armbar over the ropes. Cole kicks the leg of O’Reilly and sends him in agony to the floor.

O’Reilly hits a guillotine, and Cole turns it into a suplex neckbreaker. The two get back in the ring and trade strikes, including an axe kick, superkicks, and a huge lariat. A Brainbuster from O’Reilly then into an armbar and just as Cole gets out, and the two trade punches again. O’Reilly hits a guillotine hammerlock and a triangle, but pins himself while Cole puts his feet on the ropes.

Kyle O’Reilly keeps the armbar on and spits and kicks Adam Cole. Numerous referees come out and break it up.

Alex Shelley, ACH & Matt Sydal defeated Addiction & Chris Sabin

On paper this match looks like it will be filled with high spots – and it was just that! Each member of each team starts confidently with Shelley and Daniels exchanging holds, Shelley gets the best of them until Daniels hits a knee. Shelley with a slingshot armdrag and tag to Sydal who gets beaten into the corner. He tags in ACH, who has the same done to him. ACH dropkicks Sabin, who gets the advantage and makes Shelley tag in. When he does, Sabin tags Kaz.

Kaz gets triple teamed, and Daniels gets hit with a standing moonsault from Sydal. ACH punts Daniels at ringside, then gets punted by Sabin, who also kicks Sydal in the face. Sydal ends up getting beaten by Sabin and Addiction in their corner, then hit with three big dropkicks.

All hell breaks loose as Sydal tried and fails with a Shooting Star Press, and gets hit with a slingshot DDT. Shelley hits Kaz with a reverse STO into the buckle, but Daniels STOs him. ACH sends Daniels outside and lands Air Jordan onto Daniels and Sabin. 450 and Shooting Star on Sabin for the win.

ROH World Television Championship
Roderick Strong (c) defeated Bobby Fish

Mr Wrestling vs One Half of reDRagon Bobby Fish. The match gets underway with Fish and Strong trading holds and reversals until Fish kicks Strong to go for the Fish Hook. Roddy Strong landspunchesas Fish hits a suplex and a somersault senton. Outside, Strong launches Fish across the guard rail. Roddy Strong hits a massive Olympic Slam back in the ring for a two count. Bobby Fish comes back and attacks the leg of Strong.

Fish hits Strong with a spinning kick. Up to the top and  Fish floors Strong with a Super Falcon Arrow for a two count. Strong hits Fish and gets caught in a kneebar into a Fish Hook as Strong taps out – but the referee isn’t looking! Bobby Fish celebrates only to be caught with a knee and pinned 1,2,3!

ROH World Tag Team Championship
War Machine defeated The Kingdom (c) (w/ Maria) 

The Kingdom hit War Machine with the belts before the bell as Matt Taven dives onto Hansen. Spike piledriver on the floor from The Kingdom. It gets two in the ring, but Hansen is dropped outside the ring. Rowe is beaten down by The Kingdom until he suplexes Taven outside and powerbombs Mike Bennett into the rail. Meanwhile in the ring, Fallout on Mike Bennett and we have new ROH Tag Team Champions.

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix) defeated AJ Styles

The two begin grappling in what many believe will be match of the night. Styles dodges a monkey flip and goes for a headscissors but fails and gets a dropkick in the face. Styles pulls a Calf Killer but Lethal escapes and Martini gets involved, allowing Lethal to take Styles down and send him back first into the barricade multiple times.

Lethal works on the back of AJ Styles, exposing his injury. Styles goes for the reverse DDT as he gets sent overhead into the turnbuckle. Lethal with the bear hug and Styles gets out of it and gives Lethal a mean suplex into the corner. A reverse powerbomb from Styles gets a two count, as does a neckbreaker attempt.

Lethal avoids a kick and turns a back suplex into a neckbreaker and after a two count, dropkicks Styles to the outside. Lethal hits two big suicide dives, but gets smashed with an elbow on the third attempt. Back in the ring Lethal applies the Koji Clutch which Styles turns into a Calf Killer. Lethal gets to the ropes and hits the Lethal Injection but Styles hits Pele. Bloody Sunday from Styles, but Lethal dumps Styles outside the ring through a table! He’s back in at the count of 19 and kicks out of the Lethal Injection. Lethal dodges a Styles Clash and hits a Cradle Piledriver, followed by a Lethal Injection to pick up the win!

Photo courtesy of Ring Of Honor’s Facebook page.

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