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Riptide Rumble 2019 Results – Favourite Wins The Rumble, But Trivet Raises The Stakes

Victoria Burchett runs down Riptide Wrestling’s ‘Riptide Rumble’ 2019.

Everybody loves a battle royal, and Riptide kick start their road to their collosal shows across the Summer with a 30-person Riptide Rumble. Who was the one and only?

  • Riptide Rumble Qualifier: Jordon Breaks defeats Spike Trivet via pinfall with the European clutch.
  • Aussie Open Challenge: Aussie Open successfully defended the ATTACK Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles against CCK and Team Whitewolf via pinfall with the Fidget Spinner.
  • Kid Lykos walked out mid-match, seemingly re-injuring his shoulder.
  • Mercedes Martinez defeats Candy Floss via pinfall with the fishermans buster.
  • Post-match, Su Yung made her RIPTIDE debut; attacking Candy Floss with the mist and mandible claw.
  • Before the match, Jinny announced she could not compete but she had found a replacement – The Session Goth, Martina!
  • Paul Robinson and Chakara defeated Jimmy Havoc and Session Goth Martina via pinfall with a roll-up.
  • Afterwards, Jimmy Havoc announced this was his last match in RIPTIDE ahead of his move to AEW.
  • Chris Ridgeway defeated Cara Noir via referee stoppage with a rear naked choke.
  • Post-match, Money vs Everybody looked to attack Noir, but Ridgeway stopped his teammates leading to Trivet kicking him out of the group, and breaking his ankle with a steel chair.
  • Brighton Champion Chuck Mambo defeated TK Cooper via pinfall with the Beach Break.
  • Riptide Rumble: Jack Sexsmith defeated Rob Lias, Martina, Sierra Loxton, Chris Brookes, Ashmore, Cara Noir, Gene Munny, Mike Bird, Sugar Dunkerton, Chief Deputy Dunne, Lord Gideon Grey, Rishi Ghosh, Cassius, Connor Mills, The O.J.M.O, Big T Justice, Charli Evans, Jurn Simmons, Damon Moser, Santos, Shay Purser, Lion Kid, Curtis Chapman, Gisele Shaw, Rocky Mac, Jordon Breaks, Kyle Fletcher, El Phantasmo and TK Cooper (who took Dave Benson-Phillips spot), lastly eliminating TK Cooper.
  • Post-match, Spike Trivet finally gave Jack Sexsmith what he wanted; a one-on-one match with him – if he puts his title shot he just won via the Rumble on the line. Sexsmith accepted, setting up for a match at Point Break in July.

An emotionally charged night, topped off with one of the best Riptide matches ever (Mambo vs TKC) and a cathartic rumble win for Sexsmith. There is much intrigue now going into Point Break, with many wondering if we will get a feel-good face vs face title match at the big shows in the summer.


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