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Riptide Wrestling Pride Of Brighton 2019 First Round Results

Kyle James runs down the results from the first round of Riptide Wrestling’s Pride Of Brighton Tournament 2019.

Riptide Wrestling began it’s search for the ‘Pride of Brighton’ as eight of Britain’s brightest young stars faced off in the first round of this exciting tournament.

  • PRIDE OF BRIGHTON FIRST ROUND: Chakara defeated Cassius via pinfall.
  • PRIDE OF BRIGHTON FIRST ROUND: Kurtis Chapman defeated The OJMO via pinfall.
  • Gene Munny & Sugar Dunkerton defeated The Anti-Fun Police via pinfall.
  • PRIDE OF BRIGHTON FIRST ROUND: Jordon Breaks defeated Connor Mills via submission.
  • ATTACK Pro Wrestling Guest Match; Kid Lykos Replacement Invitational – Los Federales Santos Jr defeated LK Mezinger, ELIJAH and Nico Angelo following rounds on presentation, wolf noises, physical appearance, speed (banana eating contest) and durability (being hit with a tray). Chief Deputy Dunne appears and pulls Santos from the contest because it’s “too much fun” so Nico Angelo wins by default, becoming the new Kid Lykos.
  • LK Mezinger and ELIJAH attack Nico Angelo post-contest, leading to a four way match.
  • Kid Lykos defeated Nico Angelo, LK Mezinger, Chris Brookes and ELIJAH to become the new Kid Lykos (we’re not sure either)
  • Jack Sexsmith (today’s guest ring announcer) spoke about his ACL injury. He says he will know whether he needs immediate surgery in two weeks and if he doesn’t, he will wrestle Spike Trivet at Point Break in June.
  • PRIDE OF BRIGHTON FIRST ROUND: Candyfloss defeated Shay Purser via submission
  • Paul Robinson defeated Cara Noir via pinfall.


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