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Riptide Wrestling – Pride Of Brighton 2019 First Round Review

Victoria Burchett reviews the first round of the 2019 Riptide Wrestling Pride of Brighton tournament.

This was a new venture for Riptide. A new venue, an all ages show and the start of a new tournament.

If you haven’t read the rules/stipulation for the Pride of Brighton, do. It’s a refreshing take on a tournament and looks to the future of British independent wrestling. For a good explanation, check out our preview from last week.

Jack Sexsmith was announcing this show and reinforced the fact that Riptide do things differently. The winner of the Pride of Brighton tournament wins a medal, and what a lovely medal it is.

Cassius vs Chakara

There was a lot of smack talk between these two competitors on social media prior to this match taking place. We thought it would be a wrestling match. It was in fact a sass off, and these two definitely brought the sass. (It was still a wrestling match, a really bloody good one too.)

Do not ever insult a man’s perfectly groomed eyebrows. You will regret it.
Chakara had the upper hand for most of this match and gained the pinfall via Widow’s Peak. Chakara may have advanced in the tournament but Cassius certainly cemented his place as a Riptide favourite.

The O.J.M.O vs Kurtis Chapman

Chapman’s music starts. Loud clapping ensues. What?! We find the source. Lord Gideon Grey is sat second row, with this fetching, and rather catchy, sign – “Kurtis Chapman is quite good at wrestling and will hopefully go really really far in this stupid tournament because other people are less good”. I did think there could be some interference from him as is their usual method of winning but he sat in his seat the whole time. Good man.

The match starts and quickly goes outside the ring. OJMO savagely attacks Chapman with a banana. Where did the fruit come from? More action on the outside. Chapman locks in a stretch on the outside and the ref starts counting. Kurtis gets back in at 7, OJMO makes a heroic dive back into the ring at 9.99 of the 10 count.

This was crazy hard hitting. Kurtis Chapman went to use a keyboard, the ref saw it and went to put it under the ring. While he was distracted, Chapman hit a low blow then hit OJMO with a second keyboard to get the pin.

2 tournament matches in and Riptide are 2 for 2 on heel victories…interesting.

The Anti-Fun Police vs Sugar Dunkerton and Gene Munny

When a match starts with STRIPPING then you know it’s gonna be a good one.

Santos said Gene Munny’s Flamingo pants were too much fun so pulled them down, to reveal his Leopard print pants. Those were too much fun too so down they came. Tiger print pants were next. Nope. Next were Gene’s standard green velvet pants. You’d think these would be acceptable right? Still no. It’s okay though, he had more options. Some lovely Flower print ones were next. Nope. Finally. Those were pulled down and with a cry from Sugar Dunkerton of “BLACK IS BEST!”, we were off.

Gene Munny starts the match with his pants down his ankles and still gets some moves in, including a drop kick. It was awesome to be honest.
Santos, Gene and Sugar had a little dance in the ring to My Humps. It was great.

Chief Deputy Dunne ignited the rage of everyone in the building when he screamed “Santos, you are not sexy!” How rude.

There’s a point in the match where Gene and Munny do a switch. Sugar Dunkerton puts on Gene’s flamingo pants and captain hat. Damo is trying to tell the ref that Suge isn’t Gene Munny but the ref isn’t having it. In the end Damo has to enlighten the ref that Suge isn’t Gene Munny because of the very obvious difference between them… Sugar Dunkerton is American.
Gene hits the Ainsley Lariat to get the pin.

A dance celebration ensues. Sugar falls on Gene and Gene declares him the worst tag team partner ever. 

I know I keep saying I don’t need to see any more wrestling ever after Kaiju and 80s Progress, but this I absolutely had to see. 

Connor Mills vs Jordan Breaks

This match was very hard to keep up with. There were attempted submissions and reversals everywhere. It was hard-hitting, fast-paced and all-round excellent. It was, without a doubt, the stand out match of the night for me and many others. Both men looked absolutely fantastic.

Breaks eventually went over via submission and advances to the next round.

Attack Pro Wrestling’s Kid Lykos Shitwolf Replacement Invitational

As we all know, Kid Lykos sadly had to retire from in-ring competition on April 17th. The purpose of this match was to try and find a replacement CCK member. Luckily, some audience members were up to the challenge.

We had red/blue mask Lykos, black/white mask Lykos, red/black mask Lykos and Santos Mysterio Mexican Lykos.

The winner of the upcoming challenges would get to be the next member of CCK. The new kid Lykos had to be in impeccable shape. So with an impassioned “Get your kit off!”, the challenge begun. First up was the thigh slap/awooo combo. After some mixed results, it was red/blue masked Lykos (ELIJAH) out first.

Next up was the Speed round. Whoever ate a banana the fastest, won. Riptide? Filthy? Never. *wink wink nudge nudge* Santos Mysterio won this with ease. Black/white masked Lykos (LK Mezinger) failed miserably so he was out next.

The third and final challenge was quite simply, durability. The only requisite was “don’t fall down” as Brookes hit them with a baking tray. Sadly, red/black masked Lykos (Nico) was NOT AT ALL DURABLE and fell like a sack of potatoes.

Santos Mysterio Mexican Lykos wins and is the new member of CCK! But WAIT, hold on. Sirens start blaring. Chief Deputy Dunne is angry. He unmasks Santos Mysterio Mexican Lykos and it turns out to be Santos all along! WHO WOULD’VE SEEN THAT COMING? He’s dragged to the back by Chief Deputy Dunne.

Brookes announces “That didn’t go as planned, this guy wins now” and red/black masked Lykos joins CCK!

LK and Elijah are pretty angry about the fact that neither of them get to be the new Kid Lykos and and impromptu match begins. New Lykos is good. During the course of the match we find out it’s apparently a 4 way as Brookes yells “Lykos! I’m sorry, I love you!” and superkicked him. Who knew? New Lykos goes for the pin but is pulled out of the ring by Kid Lykos, who hits him with the baking tray, gets in the ring, makes the pin himself and WINS.

Kid Lykos wins! Kid Lykos is the new kid Lykos! YAY!

On a serious note, I am so happy that Lykos is still around wrestling. He could’ve walked away when he had to retire but he’s excellent at everything and I love still seeing him at shows.

Candy Floss vs Shay Purser

Candy absolutely dominates this match to be quite honest. She said she’d break Shay’s arm and she didn’t release it at all for the first few minutes. He taps out quite quickly to the armbar and Candy Floss advances!

Before the main event, Jack Sexsmith steps into the ring to address his scheduled match with Spike Trivet at Point Break on July 5th. He got injured at Defiant a couple of weeks ago and has torn his ACL. He is awaiting the results of his MRI.

“Me and Spike… we were the very first match at Riptide. We’ve been kicking each other’s heads in for TWO YEARS. We’ve got unfinished business. When I get my MRI results back, if I don’t have to have surgery straight away then I WILL BE HERE on July 5th on ONE LEG if I have to be!”

If you know me, you’ll know I love Riptide. The Jack and Spike feud has indeed been building for two years and it is the most invested I’ve ever been in a story. But I for one only want to see this match go ahead if it won’t make Jack’s injury worse. Health comes first people, always remember that.

Paul Robinson vs Cara Noir

Billed as being from “an actual seaside town”, Robbo instantly had some heat. Cara Noir has been having fantastic matches in every promotion he’s currently working, and this was no exception. This being a family friendly show, Paul Robinson made excellent and frequent use of the word “mug” instead of his usual, less PG phrases.

This match was super hard-hitting and Robbo got the pinfall over Cara after a curb stomp.

Robbo grabbed the mic after the match was finished, started cutting a heel promo “I’ve got a mic Josh, and you don’t know what I’m going to say” but actually finished with “I know you’re all sad ‘cos I won but let’s all leave happy shall we? It was Lexi’s [his daughter] 7th birthday on Thursday and it would be amazing if you could all sing happy birthday to her.”

So Lexi and Robbo got in the ring, we all sung happy birthday to her and it was quite a beautiful moment. He ended with “NOW SCREW YOU, YOU MUGS!” and that was the end of Pride of Brighton. 

The follow up to the tournament will be at the August bank holiday shows. I know it’s too early to speculate but I would love to see Jordan Breaks in the final.

Tickets are still available for Point Break on July 5th at the following link, don’t miss out and buy them while you still can!

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