Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax: What Could (and Should) Happen?

Ahead of their Raw Women’s Championship match at Money In The Bank, Edd looks at what could (and should) happen between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey.

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WWE made a huge announcement for the upcoming pay-per-view Money in the Bank.

Former UFC fighter, the fantastic Ronda Rousey will be pitted against the RAW Women’s champion, Nia Jax. It’s been met with both a positive and negative reaction and some fans believe it would be great for Ronda to put the whole roster on notice and conquer the women’s division, similar to Brock Lesnar. Others, including myself believe it’s way too early.

Ronda was brilliant in her debut match at WrestleMania 34. She has had no singles matches on RAW yet and only wrestled her first ever house show on Wednesday in Switzerland. This match with Nia will prove to be a real test and a big learning curve for Rousey, and for a match of this calibre as her debut singles match, it’s certainly a gamble.

It’s believable that Rousey could decimate anybody on the women’s roster given her background and having somebody like her as the champion would draw so much more attention. I don’t think it’s the right time but here are some potential scenarios for her debut singles match at Money in the Bank.


Natalya Costs Ronda

Probably the most believable one and probably the most annoying. I think fans are fed up of screwy endings and non-finishes, especially of late. This seems the best option because it’s too early to stick the belt on Ronda, but it’s also too early for Ronda to suffer her first defeat. It’s a very interesting match and I think the only way they can save face is if Natalya costs Rousey the match, keeping the title on Nia. Ronda then doesn’t lose clean and we can watch a feud unfold between Nattie and Ronda.

The angle would make sense. The story is easily written. Natalya would be jealous of Ronda in the spotlight all the time. She would be seething that Ronda has been given an opportunity without even wrestling. Nattie would cost Ronda the match out of pure jealousy, envy and spite. WWE have been quick to let everybody know that Natalya and Ronda are very good friends since the Superstar Shakeup. “Close friends” in WWE also leads to bitter enemies. It’s wrestling 101. It makes more sense for this feud as Nattie can show Ronda the ropes and help her improve before she gets a real stab at the title.


Ronda Rousey Becomes RAW Women’s Champion

This isn’t believable for me. It would be an extremely bold move from the WWE but not an impossible one. It’s completely possible that WWE could have Ronda become the RAW Women’s Champion, laying waste to Nia Jax and picking up her first ever singles win.

It would shock most people. Ronda has only had the one wrestling match and whilst it was decent, she is nowhere near ready for a run with the belt. She has a lot to prove still. I think WWE are romanticising how much of a superstar the former UFC champion has had in the past and they are fully aware that having Rousey as the top female star on RAW is best for business.

She is a huge talking point, valuable and most of all, a draw. That’s the whole reason why she has been advertised for this pay-per-view to begin with. She has great qualities, likeability and star power. It’s 100% believable that Rowdy Ronda could lay waste to the entire Women’s division. Whilst I think we would enjoy that, it would inevitably become tiring. We don’t need to see another Brock Lesnar. It’s too soon.


Stephanie McMahon Gets Involved

The Authority ALWAYS wins. Nobody screws with the McMahon’s and gets away with it. Ronda Rousey’s comeuppance awaits. We’ve heard her name throughout recent episodes of RAW but haven’t actually seen Stephanie McMahon since the RAW after WrestleMania 34 where she tapped out, twice in a row in pure manic and desperate fashion to Rousey’s armbar. It seems unlikely to me that Ronda will get away with this.

Some fans have described this feud between Stephanie and Rousey as the female answer to “Austin vs Vince” and whilst I think that’s a ridiculous comparison. I’m still very interested to see where this goes and how it can develop. Whilst Stephanie hasn’t been on RAW currently, her presence is still felt and known. Granting Kevin Owens a qualifying match for Money in the Bank. The Commissioner of RAW is still very much active. It’s a possibility that she could return at Money in the Bank and cost Rousey the championship somehow.


Somebody Cashes In Money in the Bank

As I’ve already said, the problem with this match is. It’s too early. Not just for Ronda to become the Champion but she can’t afford to lose a match this early either. It’s a very interesting situation and I can’t wait it unfolds, or how they mess it up…

Last year we saw Carmella hold the briefcase for an incredibly long time. What if this year, we had the complete opposite and somebody was to cash in immediately? WWE are all about breaking records and making history, that’s one for the history books.

This would allow Ronda to pick up the victory, looking dominant as we all know she is. Only to fall victim to whoever picks up the briefcase prior to this match. They steal her moment, they capture the belt. WWE have shown a lot of love to the women’s division and are very keen to tell you that things will be done for the “first time”. This would be another.


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