Royal Rumble: The Complete History

Royal Rumble 2014

As is tradition at this yearly event, the card will be highlighted by the 30-man Royal Rumble match – a battle royal with wrestlers entering at 90 second intervals. The winner of this match will receive a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX

Date: 26th January, 2014
Venue: Consol Energy Center
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Attendance: 13,000
Commentators: Michael Cole,
Jerry “The King” Lawler and John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Theme Song: “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa



Royal Rumble 2014 promotional poster

Royal Rumble 2014 promotional poster

As is tradition at this yearly event, the card will be highlighted by the 30-man Royal Rumble match – a battle royal with wrestlers entering at 90 second intervals. The winner of this match will receive a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. Included in the match is the highly anticipated return of Batista. In addition, on the January 20th episode of Raw, Kane announced that CM Punk would be entering the Rumble as the #1 entrant.

Another highly promoted match will feature WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defending the title against longtime adversary John Cena. In December 2013, Chief Operating Officer Triple H called for WWE Champion Orton and then-World Heavyweight Champion Cena to compete in a title-unification Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at the TLC pay-per-view in December. Orton beat Cena to become a four-time (and final) World Heavyweight Champion, retiring the title by unifying it with his WWE title to become the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On the December 30 episode of Raw, co-owner Stephanie McMahon announced a rematch from the TLC event, seeing Orton defend the WWE World Heavyweight title against Cena at the Royal Rumble in a traditional one-on-one singles match with no outside interference or added stipulations and where the winner would be decided via pinfall or submission only. Because of this, Orton would keep whining to The Authority about canceling this match, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon rejecting. Randy would also complain about the Royal Rumble winner to possibly defeat him at WrestleMania XXX. On the January 13th episode of Raw, after being defeated by Kofi Kingston, Orton would proceed to attack and take out his frustrations on John Cena’s father, who was at ringside for the event. Cena came out to make the save, but his father had to be hospitalized for the second time in the past seven years, due to an assault by Orton. On the January 20th edition of Raw, Orton faced Kingston in a rematch that ended in a disqualification win for Orton, due to Cena storming to the ring and attacking him. Cena would then attack Orton until he scurried away in the crowd. Orton would then get in a car as a helpless Cena would watch over.

On the December 30 edition of Raw, Brock Lesnar returned with his agent Paul Heyman to announce his intentions to challenge the winner of the match between Orton and Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar then called out any wrestler who wanted to stop him, which resulted in Mark Henry answering the challenge and the two brawling until Lesnar speared Henry through the ringside fan barricade. and hitting him with an F-5 on the arena floor. The following week on Old School Raw, Henry challenged him again only to have Lesnar dislocate his elbow with the Kimura Lock. Following this, Big Show came out and confronted Lesnar, which lead to a short physical confrontation between the two, with Show throwing Lesnar across the ring. On January 10, Big Show issued a challenge to Lesnar to fight during a Miz TV interview on SmackDown. Heyman accepted the challenge on behalf of Lesnar, and said it would take place at the Royal Rumble.

Announced on, Cody Rhodes and Goldust will face the The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) for the WWE Tag Team Championship on the Royal Rumble pre-show. This match was made when The New Age Outlaws defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a non-title match on the January 17th edition of SmackDown due to a distraction from Vickie Guerrero.

On January 20 edition of Raw, it was announced that Daniel Bryan will face Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. Bryan and The Wyatt Family had been feuding since October 2013. On the December 30, 2013 edition of Raw, a seemingly beaten down Bryan had announced he would join the Wyatts. On the January 13, 2014 episode of Raw, (after Bryan and Bray Wyatt were defeated by The Usos in a steel cage match), Bryan attacked Wyatt, culminating with Bryan hitting his flying knee finishing maneuver on Wyatt. The following week onRaw Bryan explained that his joining the Wyatts was a ruse to infiltrate the stable and bide his time to strike, and that he would wrestle Wyatt at the PPV.


Match Results

Royal Rumble 2014 Kick-off
WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust (c) (06:37)

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall (21:29)

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) defeated The Big Show via pinfall (02:01)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton (c) defeated John Cena via pinfall after a distraction from Bray Wyatt (20:55)

Royal Rumble Match:
Batista won by last eliminating Roman Reigns (55:06)


Royal Rumble Stats




Eliminated by



1 CM Punk 27 Kane* 49:11 3
2 Seth Rollins 25 Reigns 48:31 3
3 Damien Sandow 1 Punk 02:08 0
4 Cody Rhodes 11 Goldust 20:50 1
5 Kane 2 Punk 00:56 1
6 Alexander Rusev 3 Kingston, Punk, Rhodes, & Rollins 06:42 0
7 Jack Swagger 6 Nash 12:07 0
8 Kofi Kingston 7 Reigns 12:32 1
9 Jimmy Uso 5 Ambrose 07:46 0
10 Goldust 12 Reigns 11:50 1
11 Dean Ambrose 26 33:46 3
12 Dolph Ziggler 8 05:59 0
13 R-Truth 4 Ambrose 00:28 0
14 Kevin Nash 9 Reigns 02:29 1
15 Roman Reigns 29 Batista 33:41 12*
16 The Great Khali 10 Reigns, Ambrose & Rollins 00:24 0
17 Sheamus 28 Reigns 28:11 1
18 The Miz 16 Harper 12:01 0
19 Fandango 13 Torito 02:45 0
20 El Torito 14 Reigns 01:26 1
21 Antonio Cesaro 24 16:57 0
22 Luke Harper 23 15:02 2
23 Jey Uso 17 Harper 04:21 0
24 John “Bradshaw” Layfield 15 Reigns 00:21 0
25 Erick Rowan 18 Batista 04:47 0
26 Ryback 19 03:49 0
27 Alberto Del Rio 20 02:47 0
28 Batista WINNER
12:52 4
29 Big E Langston 21 Sheamus 02:41 0
30 Rey Mysterio 22 Rollins 02:00 0

*1 = Kane eliminated Punk after he had been eliminated himself
*2 = Romain Reigns breaks Kane’s record for total eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match.



The opening segment from Raw had Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Daniel Bryan making reference to the snub, before Bryan claimed a spot in the Elimination Chamber match at the namesake pay-per-view event alongside John Cena and Sheamus. Later on, during a segment with Randy Orton and Batista, fans chanted for Bryan’s name and ignored the segment altogether before Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman (both typically villainous characters) came out to the cheer of the crowd who allegedly wanted the Orton-Batista segment to end.

CM Punk did not appear on Raw, nor was he mentioned on TV. Despite being advertised for the SmackDown taping on Tuesday, he also did not appear in front of the live audience. By Wednesday, stopped advertising Punk for future events. It was reported by the Wrestling Observer that on Monday, Punk had legitimately walked out on WWE when he informed Vince McMahon that he was “going home”.


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