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Where does Sami Zayn fit into WWE’s plans?

With Sami Zayn finally making his debut on WWE’s main roster, we look at what impact the popular superstar will make for WrestleMania.

Sami Zayn, as already showcased, is an extremely talented member of the WWE roster and has the potential to go a long way. As shown in NXT, he is able to put on extremely talented matches with anyone on the roster – whether that be Tye Dillinger; Samoa Joe; Finn Balor; Baron Corbin or anyone else, the list could go on and on. His 2-out-of-3-falls match with Cesaro back in 2014 is a match for the ages and if you have a subscription to the WWE Network, I highly recommend you seek it out.

Sami’s character is that of a plucky underdog, who is willing to do anything to eventually get to his main goal. He will face setbacks, some of them extremely detrimental, but eventually he will find a way to reach the top. As of recently, that goal is to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion. He is a terrific mat-based wrestler, who also has a variety of high-flying moves in his arsenal. His signature moves are high in impact and devastating in their ability to finish matches. His Blue Thunder Bomb is a destructive spinning power bomb that is beautiful to watch, whereas his Helluva Kick is a powerful running kick to the opponent’s head while they stand in wait in the opposite corner. Sami is also very adept in submission wrestling, and is able to finish opponents off with his grounded choke hold – The Koji Clutch.

zayndefhawkins_642When Sami Zayn entered this year’s Royal Rumble and eliminated Kevin Owens, many people presumed this was the start of a main roster call-up for Sami. He had, seemingly, accomplished all that he possibly could in NXT and the majority of fans felt that this was his time. However, the following night on RAW, there was no Sami. That theme continued for weeks and the WWE Universe primarily forgot all about his involvement at the Rumble. Then, on the 7th March 2016 edition of RAW, everything changed.

After a match with Neville, Kevin Owens started to attack him after the match and was ready to perform a powerbomb onto the apron. Just as Owens was about to hoist Neville onto his shoulders, Sami’s music hit & the crowd in Chicago went wild. Zayn ran down the ramp with pent-up aggression and launched everything he had at Owens, causing Kevin to Walk Owens Walk.

In the week that has followed his re-debut on RAW, Sami has had a solid introduction to the WWE Universe. On Smackdown last week, he and Owens were guests on Miz TV. As that descended into chaos, as it always does, a tag-match was announced. It would be Miz and Owens vs Zayn and Neville. The match was a solid contest, with Zayn pinning Miz after Owens walked out on his partner. Sami was in action again at WWE Roadblock too, defeating Stardust in an under-rated contest. Also, just this week on RAW, Sami was victorious again in a match against The Miz.

samiWith such a good introduction, and with Sami openly stating his ambitions to win the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania, fans are generally buzzing with what the next steps for Sami could be. Speculation initially had the title being defended in a multi-man match, possibly a ladder match. However, with Neville’s recent injury the picture is a lot less clear.

When Zayn announced his intention to fight for the title at WrestleMania, it lead to a lot of fans thinking that WWE were going to attach a rocket to his back right from the off. If this does become the case, where does Sami go during his first year? What is reasonable to expect of him? What is reasonable to expect of WWE?

These answers won’t become clear for a few more months at least, but we sure will enjoy seeing Sami Zayn break out into becoming a star.


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