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Samoa Joe Signs Full-Time WWE Contract

Photo Credit: WWE

Samoa Joe has signed a full-time WWE contract, according to PWTorch. Originally, he was only signed to a few NXT dates with a view to more depending on how his run was received.

However, not only did Joe impress all involved at the NXT tapings, including Vince McMahon, but his merchandise sold out immediately and numbers were so hugely off-the-scale impressive, it prompted Vince and Triple H to push Joe to sign a full-time deal. Joe agreed.

Joe has several Indy dates signed for the remainder of the year, and it’s understood he’ll work those but won’t be taking any more from hereon out. Joe will be worked into WWE’s full-time schedule on NXT, with a view to being quickly put on the main roster much like we’ve seen with Kevin Owens.

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