SFV 2021 Summer Update & New Character Reveal

On August 3, 2021, Capcom held their Street Fighter V Summer update. This update included updates regarding a new character, gameplay, Street Fighter League, and more. This update allowed players to see Oro and Akira in their settings. Allowing a more detailed look into their style of gameplay and what can be expected for Street Fighter V Champion Edition. 

The broadcast aired on Twitch Gaming and lasted an hour. The Spring update included an announcement regarding the two characters. In this update lovers of the franchise were able to get a view of the gameplay for Akira and Oro. The next update may include some additional information relating to Rival Schools. 

Both Oro and Akira will be released on August 16 alongside an update that will include a brand-new Tournament Mode. 

In addition, to this the Summer Update included some behind the scenes on the music of SFV. Street Fighter League was announced to be returning.


About Street Fighter League 

Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2020 is a new 3-on-3 Team Battle tournament series featuring Street Fighter™ V: Champion Edition. Six teams comprised of three players each will compete over the course of one year to determine who will take home the Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2020 Championship. 

Cammy and Guile were announced as the additional characters to join Fortnite. 


CAPCOM:Shadaloo Description: 

Known as the Code Holder, Luke possesses special genetics given to him by a mysterious organization, much like D.D. 
He favors kicks as his weapon of choice and loves to mix it up with a variety of combos. He’s not much of a talker and lets his feet do the talking. Cool, stoic and powerful. 

Some characters were set to appear in Capcom Fighting All-Stars. However, the project was scrapped. The game was not released along with additional characters. It is uncertain whether this is the same Luke that wasn’t released and was redesigned or completely different.  

Either way this new character that has been developed has an MMA style look with a combination of Kickboxing moves. He can punch sufficiently hard to make an intense orange curve that can even infiltrate a Hadoken. 

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Courtesy of Capcom | Published at TWM NEWS

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