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Shinsuke Nakamura & Cody Rhodes Injured| Wrestling News Update, 22nd February 2020

With injury news from WWE & AEW, Matt Booker brings you the Wrestling News Update.



On last night’s episode of SmackDown, Shinsuke Nakamura took a hard bump, leading to the wrestler needing medical attention.

The match was a Symphony of Destruction match, involving Shinsuke and Cesaro taking on Braun Strowman and Elias. The stipulation meant that the ring was dotted with musical instruments, including drums, a double bass, keyboard, a baby grand piano, a gong, and numerous guitars.

The end of the match saw Braun deliver a running power-slam, jumping from the announcer’s table, and landing on a piano. The piano didn’t budge and Shinsuke could be seen instantly grabbing his head. He rolled off the piano, instantly took the pin losing the match, removed his hand from the back of his head with the camera catching his bloodied fingers.

After the match, Shinsuke posted an image to Instagram showing himself being attended too backstage. The post was captioned “Don’t worry. I’m a tough. But, the piano was toughest. @adamscherr99 and I couldn’t beat it.”

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2 big guys against the tough piano 🎹

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He also posted a picture of the two men mid-flight with the caption, “2 big guys against the tough piano”. It isn’t known if the accident will require Shinsuke to take any time off, or if he may be restricted in any way.


On this week’s episode of Dynamite, Cody had a hellacious cage match with MJF’s muscle, Wardlow.

Cody posted that he had fracted his big tow during the match, but was on a treatment plan and was still cleared for action. The injury happened during a huge spot, where Cody hit a moonsalt from the top of the cage.

AEW since confirmed both the injury, and the diagnosis, posting to Twitter that Cody had fractured his big toe, and was cleared for “action as tolerated”.

Cody is set to face MJF at AEW Revolution on the 29th of February.


Japanese wrestling superstar Sareee revealed earlier today that she has signed with the WWE.

The announcement came during a World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana show in Shinkiba, Japan. Sareee later confirmed the news on her Twitter feed. In the post she wrote:

“I decided to think about doing professional wrestling abroad outside of Japan. And WWE joining has been decided. I am relieved to be able to properly report to everyone. Spreading Japanese women’s professional wrestling, Aiming for the top of WWE, Aim for the pinnacle of women’s professional wrestling. I will fight over my life.”

Saree has been Diana World Champion twice and held the Diana Tag Team belts once. She has been wrestling since 2011 for a huge number of promotions, including Pro Wrestling Wave, Sendai Girls, Just Tap Out, and Wrestling New Classic.


WrestlingInc has reported that high profile free agent Jeff Cobb has been offered an AEW contract after debuting for the company this week.

The deal is supposed to allow Cobb to continue to work with NJPW, alongside a nearly full-time commitment to AEW.

In a media call last week, Cody described Jeff as a special athlete and praised his in-ring work. He also described any potential deal between the two sides as being in “gestation”.


Earlier today, Kairi Sane, one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, took to Twitter to announce that she was now a married woman. Posting the following message:

To my dear fans,

Thank you for all your continuous support.

Today I’d like to announce that I got married to my fiancé on February 22, 2020. We had a long distance relationship from the beginning of our long journey, but he has always been there for me through thick and thin, and I knew I wanted to live the rest of my life with him.

I’m looking forward to building a family filled with laughter and joy with a man I can respect so deeply from his attitude towards work, warmth towards people and animals, and his genuine way of living.

I will continue working hard to become a pro wrestler that can bring much happiness and smiles to people.

With all my gratitude,
Kairi Sane

After the news broke, many messages of support and well wishes flooded in, prompting Sane to tweet again:

I am grateful to receive many warm messages from everyone. thank you very much. As mentioned in the announcement, we will report here that you have been enrolled today. Thanks a lot for your message! I’m so grateful for that.


In a very divisive move, WWE has confirmed that the Bella Twins will be entering WWE’s Hall of Fame this year. Click here to read our full write up.


PWInsider has reported that The Revival has filed for more trademarks, independent of WWE.

This time the pair has applied for “Top Guys”, “Say Yeah”, and “No Flips, Just Fists”. Both were applied for under games and sporting goods: Hats, hoodies, pants, shirts. Both were also requested for wrestling shows and appearances too, however.

This comes at a time when it is an open secret that the pair are looking to leave WWE, with their contacts winding down, they have been described as sitting on new big-money WWE deals, just waiting to leave.

It is assumed that the pair would go to AEW, they have even worn #FTR gear on WWE  television, the Young Bucks are also known to rate The Revival, making their move ever more likely.


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