Should Toni Storm Move To NXT?

She is a former NXT UK Women’s Champion, former finalist in the Mae Young Classic, and recently a participant in the Women’s Royal Rumble.

But the question is, is Toni Storm ready to be in Florida full time?

While Storm is a great competitor, I do not believe it is her time to switch brands. The Women’s Division on Wednesday nights is one of, if not the best, divisions out there. Storm is good, but the women’s division is currently filled with a lot of established characters and stories, so it’s hard to know where she would fit.

Having Bianca BelAir, Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley, and Io Shirai in a division is a lot of personalities to contend with. Before Storm can join that group of women, her character needs to be more established.

Of course you can tell she is going for a rock star-esque look, but who is she? She has the look down, but the personality seems to be missing. Moving Storm to NXT, say tomorrow, she would get lost in the shuffle without a clear direction.

We can look at a few weeks ago when Storm picked up the NXT Women’s title, the crowd reaction was less than favourable to her. Yes, we can chalk that up to their love of Rhea Ripley. Or it could be because the fans don’t know Storm enough.

Giving her more time to develop her character and give fans a reason to care about her is the right step to take. Toni is a lot more than her looks and rockstar getup, but fans need the opportunity to realize that.

Besides her character work, Toni seems to have more to accomplish in NXT UK. If not accomplish, she has things to bring to a true conclusion there. As one of the first women of NXT UK, Storm should get that opportunity before moving on.

Storm will eventually be a wonderful addition to the NXT Roster. Will we see that soon? I doubt it.

NXT UK is the best place for Storm at the moment. It is where she can grow and still take bookings outside of WWE. With a bit more character growth, a reason for fans to get behind her, and true closure in the UK, we can bring this discussion up again. In the meantime, give it time. Toni Time will takeover Full Sail eventually.

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