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Six Paths For Finn Balor On His Road To WrestleMania 34

With Finn Balor’s position on WrestleMania up in the air, Edd Young gives his six paths that “The Demon King” could go down to get to New Orleans.

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Whilst Finn Balor and Seth Rollins controversially earned themselves a spot in the upcoming Elimination Chamber Pay-per-view, it’s not realistic that Finn stands any chance of winning it. Here are some of options he could pursue on his way to “The Grandest Stage of Them All”.


205 Live: The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

It pains me to even say this because Finn Balor deserves so much more and a part of me thinks he’s never going to get it or achieve any real success on the main roster again. If he rocks up in this tournament, it’s more or less confirmed. He will either be reborn in 205 or his demise is imminent.

I’ve said a lot of harsh things about Balor recently and I take no pride in it because I think he’s really great. WWE have completely lost their way with him and the fact we haven’t seen the “Demon King” since SummerSlam 2017 is alarming. They’ve dropped the ball with Finn and don’t seem to care about him. WWE are determined to make this an exciting event by adding in former NXT Superstar Roderick Strong and the inaugural UK Champion Tyler Bate. Balor jumping ship to 205 Live would be refreshing and whilst I think he is far too much of a draw for bigger platforms,  he would definitely make it more exciting.

205 Live is in desperate need of some positivity and excitement, and fast. They lost Neville who was their star man and are looking for new beginnings after the Enzo Amore fiasco. They need a big name, somebody who can take them to a new level and give the division some credibility, life and most of all hope.


Intercontinental Title Match with The Miz

This title drives me crazy. It’s been treated so poorly for so long. There is nothing prestigious about this title any more and something has got to change. The only talk you hear of this title is that Chris Jericho has the most reigns with 9. Guess what? The Miz has 8. It’s baffling that the Miz has become this placeholder when it comes to the Intercontinental Championship. It’s even more frustrating that he never seems to defend it on pay-per-view, or its demoted to the pre-show. Miz is also in the Elimination Chamber so the title won’t be on the line at the next pay-per-view. I just don’t get it. I’ll be the first to say that The Miz has greatly improved over the years. I just can’t fathom why the title is never too far from him.

It’s been obvious for some time now that Balor was never going to get his rematch for the Universal Championship. Miz and Balor are both in the chamber and I think the seed could be planted for a really good feud that would culminate at WrestleMania 34. Neither of them have an opponent as it stands so it would make sense for the hype to build and really get people fired up for it. People want to see the Intercontinental title restored to its former glory and defended regularly. It’s an even bigger bonus if the challenger turns out to be somebody as talented and captivating as Finn Balor.

This would benefit both superstars and has real potential. However, it’s a possibility that with the due date, Miz’s child could be born on the day of WrestleMania. Miz has already confirmed he will not miss the birth which could mean we may not see the Intercontinental Championship at all.


The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

I’ve always said this Battle Royal is a curse. I mean, from what we’ve seen so far it’s meaningless and doesn’t really elevate anybody at all. Nobody who wins this has gone on to do anything truly special. Cesaro was the inaugural winner and is currently sitting pretty as one half of the Tag Team Champions. Big Show, who was already over the hill won it, which was a nice gesture. Baron Corbin won it, then failed to cash in his Money in the Bank and later lost his United States title to Dolph Ziggler, who then vacated it the following week. Then Mojo Rawley won, who…gets booed when he’s revealed to be Bobby Roode’s surprise US open challenger, that’s how well things are going for him.

What could we expect from The Demon King if he was in this? He’d certainly make it entertaining and assert some dominance. The thought alone of knowing he’s in it would fill you with sadness, but you’d still watch it because you know he’d be there. He has good experience as we’ve seen in the Royal Rumble this year. Coming in at #2 and lasting the longest at 57 minutes 38 seconds, making it to the final four. You’d bank on him to win it if he entered.


Balor Club 6 Man Tag

Balor Club is a wonderful thing, it’s been teased for long and yes, it’s finally here, but something doesn’t feel right about it. They’re great and everybody loves them but they are missing something. Gallows & Anderson are about as unpredictable as the weather. They win, they lose, they win, they lose. There is no consistency or dominance with them. Their leader is nothing more than a mid-carder right now. It’s great that Balor Club is finally a thing but the timing feels wrong.

A WrestleMania moment could change this and put all three of these guys in a better light, but who would their opponents be?

The Miztourage are the first trio who come to mind. Sure, we’d see Balor Club dominate and toy with them but it wouldn’t be as exciting, as Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel don’t pose any real threat. It would just be a stomp and Balor Club deserve more than that. The Shield are another option but, with Seth Rollins hoping to be “The Man” again and some Jason Jordan drama to deal with, Dean Ambrose with a tricep injury and Roman Reigns who will no doubt be a busy man, it’s not likely.

The only other option would be a call up for NXT stable, SAnitY. Leader, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain are one hell of a team that could certainly give Balor Club a run for their money. We have had two new stables come up to the main roster recently in the Women’s Division with Absolution moving up to RAW and Riott Squad to SmackDown LIVE. I think SAnitY debuting and attacking Balor Club would send the fans into overdrive. SAnitY have stood the test of time in NXT and would be a great addition to the main roster.


Finn Balor v John Cena

This has potential, I’ll tell you why.  John Cena has gotten the best of Finn Balor twice in the last month. Cena eliminated him from the Royal Rumble and then denied him a place at the Elimination Chamber.

As it stands, Cena won’t have a match for WrestleMania and spoiler alert, he isn’t going to win the Chamber. There are plenty of rumours but no evidence to support that Cena and Undertaker will have a match at Wrestlemania 34. Balor attacking Cena makes sense and is a lot more appealing than the impending sound of the gong as Undertaker returns at the age of 53 to announce John Cena will rest in peace at WrestleMania. Nobody wants that, Taker.

I feel as though the build up would have already started if they were going to feud at WrestleMania. Undertaker made his first appearance at RAW 25 since his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. There was no interaction between him and Cena. He didn’t show up at the Royal Rumble or even at RAW the next night. This match had potential about 10 years ago. A different time and the streak still intact.

Balor is the polar opposite to John’s potential feud with Undertaker. It’s exciting, it’s hopeful, there’s a storyline in place ready to go. Finn can easily play a heel, hell bent on success and frustrated from lack of it, John responsible for denying him two opportunities. If big match John was to eliminate him at the chamber, that would be the tipping point for a big heel turn for Balor.


Triple Threat Dream WWE Championship match

Balor hasn’t had much luck or opportunities in regaining the title he never lost until 2018. Sadly, failing to win the Royal Rumble and knowing deep down he won’t win the Elimination Chamber ends Finn Balor’s hopes of being in the Universal Title picture.

There is still hope for The Demon King in a title scene, it’s far-fetched but hear me out. Whilst we have got everything we’ve ever wanted in AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura squaring up. They are currently both face. Not that it’s a problem but AJ is a great heel. During AJ Styles previous run as WWE Champion as a heel, he brought in Gallows & Anderson to help him out and solidify that status.

As it stands, Gallows & Anderson are all buddy-buddy with Finn Balor, another Bullet Club leader. If AJ was to somehow get Gallows & Anderson drafted back to SmackDown LIVE to “Beat up Shinsuke Nakamura!” we could perhaps see something else brought to the table and put on the line. Finn Balor could suggest he be added to the title match at WrestleMania. Should either of them win, they will become WWE Champion and undisputed leader of The Club.



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