Ski Mask Tha Slump God – Sin City : Album Review

When it comes to the SoundCloud legends prospering in an era that is completely out of their depths, Ski Mask finds hiomself to nbe one of the few lyricists frrom that era that still has some decent clout in the game for consistently dropping some good music. Not only does Ski Mask do that on this, he proves that he is still a mixtape master as this concise piece of art proves himself as an alternate hip-hop god.

There are a lot of ways that the listener can find a way to diminish some of the parts of this album that does suffer from some repetive anime references and lack of production depth (along with a bit of a shallow emotional pool) but when it comes to applying their own strengths to the best of their abilities, Ski is almost unmatched. This is something that is especially highlighted by the fact that this is first major project in almost 3 years since dropping multiple mixtapes and an album in the span within 2016-2018.

Just as it seemed like most of the hip-hop fans had seemingly moved on from his loud style without forgetting his importance in the era that brought the likes of XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD to prominence but this project proves with songs like “Lost in Time” and “Mental Magneto” show that he is much deeper than the pop culture references that litter his lyrics and overpower his aesthetic.

Even with that said, this is a mixtape I would recommend to just about anyone who needs a piece of music to occupy a half hour’s time space and feel like its legitimately one of the better projects of the year in terms of sole action and energy. He continues to prove that he is perfect at lining up his clever references with the power of his own witticism to make something great.


Favorite Tracks: “Dr. Suess”, “The Matrix”, “Lost in Time”

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