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Space Blend: Cosmina and Roxy edition

Today we’re sitting down with someone who isn’t a twitch partner and is a great all-around streamer, including Elite. Oh, and she has a fantastic dog named Roxy. I found Cosmina in the Elite directory a while back, and since then I’ve caught just about every stream of hers I could. She’s an explorer much like myself, and she likes to take her time scanning things. We joke with her that “Hey you made 2 jumps this stream awesome!” because she likes to scan everything. Nothing wrong with that! So without further ado, I give you xRoxyx. Er I mean, xCosminaX.

SB: Hi Cosmina! Nice to get you on the other side of the table once, seeing as how you, as a reporter, are usually asking the questions. So let’s hop right in. As always, the most important question first. What’s your favorite tea (Because it’s called ‘Space Tea’ after all!)

C: Sweet tea! I am from the south.

SB: Good stuff. So Cosmina is a unique name. How did you come up with it?

C: Haha! That’s a loaded question. So back when I was a freshman in high school I became a huge fan of horror stories and lore. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, you name it. I also write fan fiction for a not so well known vampire TV show. Decided to create an original character for it and her name was Cosmina. It’s a Romanian name meaning order or beauty. I honestly just really liked the name so I started using it as my online name for games and social media. Starting on Twitch I thought I would change things up, but I just had so many friends know me as that name so I decided to just keep it. Worked out well because our channel is a space theme and Cosmina sounds a bit like cosmic. I’ve really grown attached to it now.

SB: How did you get into Elite?

C: I first learned of Elite while in the process of moving from Tennessee and North Carolina four years ago. Even though I was super busy at the time, I still got it and was instantly hooked, but overwhelmed. Leaving a station for the first time and seeing the stars… it’s like “Wow! I can go see any of those systems!” I was in love.

SB: How long have you played Elite for, best guess?

C: Four years, but I only finally got to really get into it this last year because of my busy schedule.

SB: You played a lot on Alpha and streamed quite a bit. What were your thoughts on it now that it’s all said and done?

C: I really enjoyed it, but there was a lot of disconnect between it and the main Elite Dangerous game. It was hard for me to imagine how those features will look in my current playthrough. I’m excited to see it all come together.

SB: So what’s your favorite thing to do in Elite? Mining, combat, exploration?

C: Exploring! As I said, what sold me on the series is seeing the map and the idea I can go to almost any system in the galaxy. I want to see as much as I can.

SB: For you, what sets this apart from other activities in the game?

C: I tried to get into mining and combat in the past, but while doing those I find that I’m just not satisfied with it. I don’t want to just stay and a few systems, I want to go out and see stuff.

SB: Being an explorer, what’s the furthest outside the bubble you’ve ever been?

C: According to Inara, 2,231.58 ly. We are currently heading out to visit the Heart and Soul nebulas. (As of publication Cosmina at long last did reach them)

SB: 2k? We need to get you out to Colonia or Beagle Pointe or something far far away. Maybe the Void Hearts. I’ll let you know when I have 7 years set aside to take you. Anyhow, you’ve been a busy bubble bee, what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far, inside or outside?

C: Probably when I visited a Thagroid base for the first time. I had no idea the even existed until one of our viewer suggested I go check it out.

SB: Ah, the base of the Far God. Was it one of the ones you could go inside of?

C: Yes, I was able to go inside it, it was crazy and scary!

SB: I once saw Emulated Penguin go in once, and he high-fives all the eyeballs inside. Was quite amusing. So in Elite, we can do a lot of things either by ourselves or with someone. What is your favorite group activity in Elite?

C: The most fun I’ve had playing with others is when some friends and I met at a planet, got in our SRVs, and just drove around playing bumper cars. We also drove out to a geological site while there together.

SB: Bumper SRV’s is a lot of fun. Dauntless Damsel is good at that, only she bumps into rocks and blows hers up. So you enjoy exploring, as do I. I personally switch between my anaconda when I am going to gather some mats and my DBX when I’m strictly exploring. What about you? What’s your favorite ship for when you decide “Second star to the right, and on til morning”?

C: Diamondback Explorer. I know I’m in an ASP Explorer now, but that was just what I need at the time and I have not changed back yet. Really tempted to once I return to the bubble though.

SB: A fantastic ASP it is. When you get back I’ll help you get the mats you need to to get the double engineered g5 FSD for your DBX, it and the guardian FSD will give you a big boost to explore more! What’s the best place you’ve explored so far in your ASP?

C: This should come as no surprise to anyone, but Taygeta. It’s so purple!

SB: Titans Daughter. It’s so beautiful, and so, so purple. Perfect for a purple streamer like you! Purple hair stream when? But no, anyways, moving on. So I love asking everyone this. I get such diverse answers. To you, what sets Elite apart from other games you play?

C: The community. I never met such a supportive and intellegent group of gamers. I would not be where I am in this game without the community… like seriously. I take suggestions from our viewers on where we should go and then we go there. This community has guided me to some incredible places.

SB: This game’s community is fantastic. They’re all so helpful. Even the trolls drop the trolling and will help you get started. So tell me, what is the craziest thing you’ve done in Elite:

C: Try to leave a station at full speed through the mail slot… everyone saw me crash. I laughed with them. You have to laugh at your own mistakes. The craziest things I’ve done are all, “that’s probably not a good idea… but let’s try it anyway moments.” The first try ends up a failure most of the time, but you learn from it and do better the next time.

SB: There are a lot of amazing things in Elite. What one of those millions of things made you look at Elite and go “Wow, this game is amazing.”

C: When I first started playing and saw the inside of the Sidewinder. I loved my little Sidewinder, and the fact that it took me so much time to learn to fly made me really appreciate this game. Nothing really comes easy and that first couple of hours getting the hang of things really made me feel accomplished.

SB: A sidey? Interesting, I can’t stand the engine sounds myself. So what do you think is your biggest accomplishment in elite?

C: Like I said before, learning the controls. Elite Dangerous was actually the first pc game I had played since Pajama Sam. I am a Nintendo fan and grew up playing their consoles. I was not used to playing on a mouse and keyboard. It took me more time to get the hang of it than I’m sure it took other players. I never felt more proud of myself than when I finally figured the controls out.

SB: Ok. So real talk here. You like to explore, we know this from this article and your streams. So I need to ask you a very real, deep question here. How long does it take you to get from one system to another and why is it 3 streams?

C: Haha! I don’t want to miss anything so I scan every system we visit. I feel like I’m not spending enough time at each system though. I’ve been thinking I should start visiting more planets in the systems we visit on our journey across the galaxy.

SB: You heard it here folks. She’ll be heading to the Heart and Soul nebula’s when you read this 3 years from now still! (Jokes on me, she made it 2 weeks later). Now you are more of a variety streamer, more so than Mal and Psykit who mostly do Elite, so let’s move to your at the time of this writing Saturday game, Monster Hunter World, a fun game you got me into. So how did you get into MHW?

C: My husband bought the game on Xbox when it first released. I wasn’t too interested at first as I playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U and just thought it was ok… then I saw the kitty! Once I had my own pc, the first game I bought was Elite. The second was Monster Hunter World

SB: Who is your favorite monster?

C: Tobi! Tobi-Kadachi was the first monster I fought in the game that made me fall in love with the combat. I’m an insect glaive user and having a monster that would jump from tree to tree made me really have to think of the best way to approach it. It was also the first monster that made me faint in the game so I feel like I have this rivalry with it now.

SB: I started using that same glaive after watching you use it, so much fun. There’s a wide variety of armor in the game, and each has such a beautiful unique look. What’s your favorite armor set?

C: Tobi! I just like how it looks. The palico Tobi armor is so precious too!

SB: The palico is the sole reason you got me to play. That and the nice room, but mostly the palico. What’s the prettiest place you’ve found?

C: The Coral Highlands are beautiful. It seems so peaceful there when you first arrive and I was really impressed with how it stood out in a game with a lot of incredible maps to explore.

SB: Ok gotta ask. The Palico chef scene is my favorite cutscene in the game, and he gives you a big variety of meals, each with its own unique cutscene. So what’s your favorite meal for the Palico Chef to make?

C: I always select the Chef’s Choice Platter option after a certain point in the game. Seeing that platter though always makes me feel so hungry.

SB: Have you played much of Iceborn?

C: I’ve not played it at all actually. I own it, but I’m still making my way through the main game.

SB: Have you played the new Monster Hunter: Rise on switch?

C: Yes and it’s so strange. I said before that it took me a while to get adjusted to the mouse and keyboard. Well, I play World with that setup, but playing Rise on the Switch took my time to get used to the controller. I’ve learned that I don’t always adjust very well. I love it though and the atmosphere is completely different from World.

SB: I’m sure I already know this but, what is your favorite monster to fight

C: …. TOBI!!

SB: One of our favorite stream features is Roxy Cam. The true star of the stream. Can you tell us what kind of dog is Roxy?

C: Y’alls guess is as good as mine. We adopted Roxy at a shelter and they guessed her mother was a jack Russell mix. You can see it in Roxy’s big ears, but she seems to have the body of a lab, but a personality of a bulldog. We will have to do a test on her one day to find out.

SB: Mixed breeds are the best breeds and have the best personality of any dog out there. So how did you come up with Roxy Cam?

C: Didn’t you first suggest it? I originally had a channel reward on the stream for “Show us Roxy” and I would pick her up so y’all could see her, but she is a lot heavier than she looks and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do for either of us, so it was suggested we do a Roxy cam and we made it happen.

SB: Oh yeah…your right I did haha. Ok so! I know i keep asking, when are we getting a Roxy go pro stream?

C: When I can afford a go pro and learn how to set all that up. That’s assuming she would even be willing to wear the thing.

SB: The second part is the true challenge. So tell us the truth. You guys are pretty equal in popularity. So tell us, we’re all dying to know Who’s stream is it really, yours or Roxy’s?

C: It’s mine, but Roxy does love the attention.

SB: Well, I’m not entirely sure on that one. Let’s switch gears to our last topic. You usually do a weekly Game Night, which is a lot of fun to watch. What do you generally play for the Game night?

C: We play a variety of games- Rocket League, Among Us, Uno… if it’s a multiplier game that people are interested in then we will play it.

SB: How about off-stream. What’s one of your favorite off-stream games?

C: Stardew Valley. I’ve been playing it a lot lately. I’m so bad to restart it though so I never made it to year 3. Hopefully, that will happen soon though. My all-time favorite game though is Pokemon Fire red.

SB: How about board games, do you play any in your spare time?

C: Of course! Joseph and I have recently discovered Everdell. I highly recommend it. I also enjoy chess. I learned to play when I was in the fourth grade. Joseph and I have also played it a lot and out of the 100 games we played I’ve only beat him once.

SB: Speaking of Joseph. I’m sure you know I like to throw in a surprise at the end of all my articles. You are no different. Joseph dug up an old photo of you with Roxy as a puppy, which I’d like to present to you!

Cosmina streams

Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 EST

Friday and Saturday 12-4 EST

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