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This was way too big to sit on for a week, so here we go!


Ladies and Gentlemen and whatever beings and or objects you identify as, this is some major breaking news, enough to warrant a second dose of Space Tea. We’re callling it Space Tea 5.5 because this is major news….
So, you’re aware of the galactic summit that so far has been uneventful right? I’ve covered it a few times, made cracks about it, and how we were getting no information about it. Well. Thing’s have changed. A lot. How you may ask? Well dear reader, let me tell you. Remember the NMLA in a past article? Well. They’re back. With a vengeance. Supposedly.

A few days ago, one day after Space Tea 5 came out, a major, major event occurred. The NMLA bombed 8 stations, one for every single mega power, mostly. The Feds, the Empire, and even the Alliance fell prey to the attacks. The weapons were a combined acidic and typical weaponry, with GalNet calling them “caustic enzyme explosives”, and they were planet at Li Qing Jao station, where many politicians were meeting. The casualty list is in the tens of thousands, including Vice President Brad Mitchell of the Federation and the entire cabinet. The station is one orbiting Earth. The Federation immediately accused the Empire for allowing the NMLA to get into the station and cause the widespread caustic damage. The Empire accused the Federation of having a disinformation campaign. Needless to say the tensions that were already high are at an all time high now. You can bet that this is going to likely end up in a war between the Federation and Alliance. Disgraced President Zachary Hudson of the Federation said:
“This atrocity is nothing less than a declaration of war, and we will respond accordingly. For now, we mourn the loss of my close friend Brad Mitchell and other heroes of the Federation. I will personally appoint replacements to their positions soon.”

Fantastic. Probably all Rochester sympathizers.

The systems attacked were Achenar, Alioth, Eotienses, Gateway, Kamadhenu, Lave, Nanomam, Rhea and Sol systems. The Marlinist refugees have repeatedly said they have nothing to do with this and that the NMLA is not related to them in any way shape or form.

But was it the NMLA? Or was it a power play move? Some believe Theta 7 himself was responsible, a man we’ve never talked about, and a very, very dangerous man. Some believe it was the Imperial Navy pulling a power play move. Other’s think Aisling Duval was behind it, as coincidently the Anime Waifu was seemingly the only power play member not to have a station bombed. Commanders everywhere are weeping openly at the thought of their Anime Space Waifu becoming a traitor.

Aisling Duval

But who was it, really? Rumors are flying, but the NMLA and Theta Seven himself took credit, so that being said, let’s look at who Theta Seven is and why he has the motivation, outside of taking responsibility.

There was a group of about ten NMLA members that were captured in a raid in LTT 1935. They were called “Theta Group”, self proclaimed, and were caught in a bomb making facility in the system.
During their incarceration, January 26 3307 came around, and a supply shuttle remotely disabled Serene Harbour’s security systems. Serene Harbour was the secret prison where they were being held, and is located at planet 3 b of the R CrA Sector AF-A d42. The shuttle then deployed a unit of soldiers in stolen Imperial uniforms who murdered all the staff and prisoners, except Theta Group, who they apparently came for, and escaped. Theta Seven apparently proceeded to torture Commandant De Luca to death before leaving. No one knows his real name, and it’s not even in Commandant De Luca’s logs, the man who managed the “Secret prison” that’s now publicly known thanks to Theta Seven sending an encrypted message to the Pilots Federation containing the location of the prison.

Serene Harbour detention center in R CrA Sector AF-A d42

Got to admit, this guy’s got some balls. No one heard about Theta Seven again, until March 11, 3307, when the NMLA claimed responsibility for the attacks on the stations. Theta Seven said that the Empire had robbed him of his name, family, and future, and that he would discard his original identity entirely and henceforth refer to himself only as “Theta Seven”. He condemned the Alliance and Federation as supporters of the Imperial Family, and urged the people of the galaxy to rebel against the superpowers. Theta Seven released the following statement broadcast on NMLA channels:

“I no longer have a name. Nor a family. Nor a future. Each taken by the Empire. Now all I have is the dehumanizing number printed on my uniform in their torture chambers. Now all I am is Theta Seven. The Alliance and Federation’s rulers have revealed themselves as imperialist supporters of the Duval dynasty, which has crushed our ideals for a thousand years. Peoples of the galaxy – you can change this. We give you your own Nine Martyrs. Use them to retake control and regain your power.”

Others, however, believe it was a variety of things, from Aisling Duval to the Imperial Navy, to a powerplay by another faction. Commander grinning_crow, said he hopes this sets up for Halsey to take over the fed again. Another rumor is that they’re using a hybrid of Thargoid-Human weaponry. Needless to say right now, tensions are high, fingers are pointing to everyone and no one, and somewhere, deep in space, Theta Seven is basking in the chaos.
Should there be another major update to this, I will either add to this article or if there’s enough, I’ll publish another one. Likely things will wait until next week when the station event ends. War is coming, and we have a front row seat to it.

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