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Space Tea cup 2.5: Jupiter has fallen

As promised, here is our 2nd and a half cup of Space Tea, as the results from the fight against the traitor Jupiter Rochester are in. As predicted, Jupiter lost this fight, and Jupiter Rochester was taken into custody on the 17th of February 3307. The date is approximate, but considering the GalNet came out on the 18th 3307 we can only assume it happened the day before.

The Federation thanked those that participated in this terribly made community event and had this to say:
“Thanks to the courage of many pilots, we have crippled the military forces behind this illegal coup and taken control of the system.”

I call it terrible because I personally attempted to get involved in said battle, but found all the ships to be VASTLY overpowered and unless you had a larger combat ship engineered, you couldn’t do squat. I was and am very disappointed FDEV would do this, as a lot of players who likely wanted to take part could not. A COMMUNITY goal should have access for all players, not just a higher tier, and the fact that players with smaller ships could not take part as the NPC’s were too much for a small ship to handle? That’s not a community event, FDEV. Get your act together, community goals should be for everyone, not someone in a decked-out ship.

Moving on, the Federation, under the banner of The Silver Legal Group, thanks to the victory at HIP 5430, has been awarded permanent access to the system. If you did not receive said permit due to being new or not participating in this poorly thought out event, you can go to the Ts’ao Tach system and do some grunt work for the Federation to access the HIP 5430 system on the Iron Wings of Justice megaship. If you worked for that traitor Jupiter, well, let me know who you are so if I see you in open play I can shoot you down, and you can go to HIP 55014 to the Victory’s Forge megaship to collect your blood money, you filthy traitor.

With the capture of Jupiter Rochester, it was announced he will stand trial for his involvement in the destruction of Starship One in 3301. Thousands of his brainwashed idio…followers…did I say brainwashed? I meant…well ok I meant it. Thousands of them have been taken into custody, and the stolen resources and ships to Core Dynamics are being returned.

Core Dynamics logo

Which begs the following question. With Core Dynamics being gutted and losing their CEO, losing most of their funding, losing thousands of employees, where will they go from here? Will Core Dynamics continue to operate, or will we eventually see them implode, or rebrand? Things are going to get interesting from here. Stay tuned for Space Tea cup 3 next week, where we will discuss whatever new comes up.

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