STARDOM: Beyond Stardom – Kairi Touring Japan!


The Pirate Princess could set sail during her Stardom run, will Kairi be Touring Japan? Y’all have no idea just how happy I am that Kairi is back in Stardom. Sure, it was nice seeing her in WWE but they seriously misused her and held her back. Kairi is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world today and there is no debating that. So yeah, there are a lot of dream matches that I have for Kairi. There’s a plethora of talent all over the world who I would love to see a step in the ring with the Pirate Princess. However, Kairi is in Japan and that means only one thing, that’s right, Dream Matches in Japan! I picked ten women outside of Stardom who I would love to see mix it up with the Pirate Princess someday and with any luck, it could happen. Hell, Rossy and Stardom are working with a lot of different promotions this month so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see any of these happen. Without further rambling on my part, here are my top 10 Japan dream matches for Kairi!

Kairi Touring Japan
10. ASUKA/Veny – Freelancer

I first got introduced to ASUKA/Veny thanks to the AEW Women’s title eliminator and then I got to see what they are capable of thanks to Kagetsu and the Hana Kimura Memorial show. The first Genderless wrestler in Japan, ASUKA is a pioneer for LGBTQ+ in Japan’s wrestling scene and they are doing so with absolute style and grace. ASUKA is highly rated on Cagematch, has six years under their belt and they get better with each performance. There’s no wonder why ASUKA is considered by many to be one of the best Joshi on the planet right now, hell they could be one of the top wrestlers periods. ASUKA is that damn good in the ring and I want to see them face off with Kairi one-on-one. I think it would be one hell of a match.

Kairi Touring Japan
9. Mei Suruga – Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling

Mei Suruga, the Apple of Gatoh Move, is one of the most fun women I’ve had the pleasure of watching over the last couple of years. She’s adaptable to wherever she is performing which is one of the biggest reasons I want to see her step into the ring with Kairi. Mei’s travelled and performed in AEW, she’s got a match coming up in Stardom and she is nearly always on the Gatoh Move cards. Go check out their YouTube channel, you won’t regret it. Mei is dripping in personality, she’s extremely talented and as I said before, watching her in the ring or action is just joyful for me. I love watching Mei in the ring and frankly, I would die a happy man if I got to see her and Kairi mix it up.

Kairi Touring Japan
8. Ram Kaicho – 666/Freelancer

Ram Kaicho, of the 666 Promotion, is a pretty polarizing Joshi. Either you love her or you hate her. I love her. My first introduction to Ram was thanks to Hana Matane and honestly, her look and charisma drew me in. Every chance I get to see Ram, I take it. She reminds me a lot of Alexa Bliss of WWE. She’s just that charismatic and she’s such a diminutive badass. Ram’s got a unique look and the 16-year veteran is a tough out for anyone she’s in the ring with… Man or Woman. I would love to see Ram and Kairi step into a ring together and see what kind of magic they could make. While not my top dream match for Kairi, it’s one of the more believable ones that could happen.

Kairi Touring Japan
7. Rin Kadokura – Marvelous

Another one of the more believable and most likely dream matches of mine for Kairi is a representative of Marvelous, the 29-year-old Techniker Rin Kadokura. Rin has had a mixed bag when it comes to results and has a middling rating on Cagematch but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying her matches. She’s done some work in Stardom too, teaming quite nicely with Mayu Iwatani, and it helps that Marvelous has a bit of a partnership with Rossy’s promotion. Rin’s only a five year veteran at this point but she’s improved a lot in those five years. I just really want to see what she could do against the Pirate Princess. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Kairi Touring Japan
6. Yuka Sakazaki – Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

TJPW’s Magical Girl is up next. Yuka Sakazaki has wrestled in AEW, giving her exposure to western fans, and she had a decent showing in the Women’s Title eliminator for AEW as well. One half of the Magical Sugar Rabbits tag team in TJPW, Yuka Sakazaki is a high flying techniker who could more than match Kairi in speed and ability. There is something special about watching Yuka in the ring, there is. She has this aura about her when she is competing, it’s something else. Recently, I watched her do a splash into a pool during a match and she looked like she was having so much fun that it made me smile as a fan. I know it’s not likely to happen, but a match between Kairi and Yuka would be insane, it really would be.

Kairi Touring Japan
5. Mio Momono – Marvelous

We’ve got a six-year veteran up next for Marvelous in Mio Momono. The 23-year-old Mio Momono is a very good pro-wrestler. She has a compelling style and is very charismatic. Therefore it is pretty easy to get behind her whenever she steps into the ring. She wins you over with her charisma and her matches are never boring or hard to get through because of her quickness. She also manages to excel in both types of matches in styles clashes, where she depends on her quickness to have any chance at all against more physically dominant opponents as well as the super-fast matches whenever she collides with people that can go her super fast styles themselves. All that is why I want to see Kairi face Mio as soon as possible.

Kairi Touring Japan
4. Arisa Nakajima – SEAdLINNNG

The 16 year veteran of SEAdLINNNG graces us with her presence at number four. Arisa Nakajima is another polarizing talent in the Joshi scene where you either love her or hate her. I don’t honestly get all the hate she seems to get. She’s got all the talent and skill in the world to take her to whatever heights she wants to achieve. One thing I love is someone who is never happy unless they are killing bitches inside the ring. Arisa Nakajima is that women. She is a great wrestler and is very versatile in what she can do. Her technical prowess is excellent and she can hold her own in brawling matches too. She brings so much hatred and intensity to her matches. She has some cracking matches against Kana, Rina Yamashita, Nanae Takahashi and more. I want to add Kairi to that list and see what they can do together in the ring.

Kairi Touring Japan
3. Maki Itoh – Freelancer/Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

The Cutest Professional Wrestler in the World may be the most popular Joshi outside of Japan. Thanks to her over the top persona, her vulgar I don’t give a fuck attitude and just how much she has improved in the ring, Maki Itoh has gained an immense following all over the world. Her performances in AEW certainly helped and it’s no wonder that a plethora of Western fans wants to see Itoh-chan back in the states as soon as possible. Maki is currently in her second run as International Princess Champion for TJPW and has a lot of upside to her career. Her most recent match with Miyu Yamashita is probably one of the best matches in TJPW history. Given her charismatic and very unorthodox style in the ring, I think that Maki would be one hell of a match for Kairi. Any fan of either woman would love to see them in the ring together. Admit it, I just gave you a match you never knew you wanted to see, but now you need it to happen.

Kairi Touring Japan
2. Miyu Yamashita – Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

The Ace of Tokyo Joshi Pro is our runner up today. Miyu Yamashita is an absolute assassin and is one of the most lethal strikers in the world. Her proficiency in striking, despite being a Techniker, has earned her the nickname “Momoiro Striker” and it’s a nickname that is well earned. If you watch Miyu throw head kicks, it’s hard to imagine how any of the women on the receiving end don’t end up knocked out for real. She throws her kicks with such force and precision that her feet should be registered as lethal weapons. It sounds like I’m just overhyping her, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s an eight-year veteran who is just shy of Kairi’s ten years, but that two-year difference wouldn’t matter much in the ring. Miyu is more than a match for Kairi and vice-versa. As much as I want to see Kairi and Itoh, I have to think that Kairi vs Miyu would blow that out of the water.

Kairi Touring Japan
1. Takumi Iroha – Marvelous

If Miyu Yamashita is an assassin, then Takumi Iroha is the equivalent of an atomic bomb. All Red Everything, Takumi Iroha, has mixed it up with Kairi numerous times in the past but the last time they faced off one-on-one was back in 2015, and it was for the World of Stardom title to boot. In the last seven years, a lot has changed when it comes to Takumi Iroha. She’s one of the most vicious women in a wrestling ring. She’s got strikes that could rival Yamashita, she’s got technical skills to match Bryan Danielson and she is just one of the coolest wrestlers in the world. The way she carries herself, the way she approaches a match, everything about Iroha just oozes cool. Whenever she steps into the ring, you just know that she is going to put her opponents to the ultimate test. That test is exactly what I want to see with another match between Kairi and Takumi. It needs to happen again and it will steal any show it is on.