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STARDOM: Future of STARDOM Championship History

The Future of Stardom Championship was first introduced on February 18, 2018. It is one of the lower card titles but it still holds importance for the up-and-coming Joshi wrestlers of Stardom.

As the name of the Championship suggests, the title is reserved for younger talent and only the very best who will be leading Stardom for the years to come. Therefore, a stipulation is attached to the Championship which states that only wrestlers who are either under twenty years of age or have less than two years of experience can challenge for it. The point of the title is that it is for the novices or the newer wrestlers to contest over.

In order to crown the first champion, Stardom held a five-woman knockout tournament in March 2018. The five women competing in the tournament were AZM, Shiki Shibusawa, Ruaka, Starlight Kid and Hanan. Starlight Kid and Shiki Shibusawa made it through to the finals where on March 28, Starlight Kid defeated Shibusawa to become the inaugural Future of Stardom Champion.

Starlight Kid brought a lot of mystery and intrigue as at that point fans were still in the process of figuring her out. Winning the Future of Stardom Championship was a highlight in Kid’s young career as they found a role for her. She had a strong and lengthy first title run spanning 281 days with Kid being able to successfully defend the Future of Stardom Championship five times. Those five defences included stars like Ruaka and AZM whom she was only able to take to a time limit draw. This was a match that was vital in establishing both of these Joshi stars.

Future of STARDOM Championship

Kid was a part of STARS who had been feuding with Queen’s Quest at the dawn of 2019. As a continuation of that feud, Kid was challenged to a match against one of Queen’s Quest’s rapidly rising stars. The challenge was accepted and on January 3, 2019, Starlight Kid’s reign came to an end at the hands of Utami Hayashishita. Hayashishita played an integral role in elevating the Future of Stardom title. She became a template for what wrestlers who aspire to be future champions should look forward too. Her run with the Future of Stardom Championship was what really put her on the map.

After less than a year of wrestling, Hayashishita proved that she could hang with the stars when she won the Future of Stardom Championship. Her reign with the championship is still considered to be the best in its very short history. She had six successful title defences in a total of 409 days. After accomplishing every challenge possible with the Future of Stardom Championship, Hayashishita believed that it was time to move onto greener pastures in the hopes of winning the Wonder of Stardom and the World of Stardom Championship. Therefore, she vacated the Future of Stardom Championship. It proved to be the right decision as she is currently in her first reign as the World of Stardom Champion.

Stardom soon organized a three-way match between the top future stars of the promotion: Saya Iida, Saya Kamitani and Maika on July 17, 2020. After an eighteen-minute brawl, Maika came out on top as the new Future of Stardom Champion. At the time, Maika was also the Artist of Stardom Champion alongside her fellow Donna Del Mondo stablemates. Even though she dropped the Artist of Stardom not long after, she held onto the Future of Stardom Championship for much longer with her reign lasting 156 days with 2 title defences against the women she defeated in the triple threat to get the title in the first place.

Maika lost the title on December 20, 2020, in a rematch of the triple threat match which she won in order to get her hands on the Future of Stardom Championship. The match was the same: Maika vs Saya Iida vs Saya Kamitani but this time the winner was different. In a rather fast-paced match, Saya Iida won this time. Iida has since gone on to defend the title successfully against Unagi Sayaka and Honori Hana. She is the current Future of Stardom Champion with her reign at the time being at 74 days.

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