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STARDOM: High Speed Championship Title History

The High Speed Championship is a Women’s Singles Championship in World of Wonder Ring STARDOM.  When put this championship next to the others within the company you start to realise how different this title is.

Before STARDOM there was NEO

The history of the High Speed Championship dates back to even before STARDOM was created; the title was first introduced in another wrestling promotion known as the Neo Japan Ladies Pro Wrestling.  The High Speed Championship is reserved only for the more agile and athletic Joshi wrestlers, therefore, getting its name “High Speed”.  The title was introduced on May 9, 2009, as the NEO High Speed Championship.

In order to select the first champion, NEO decided it was best to have a match between the two top high flyers of their promotion to determine who will be the first holder of this unique belt.  The two wrestlers were Natsuki Taiyo and Ray.  The match was won by Natsuki Taiyo who earned the honour of becoming the first-ever High Speed Champion.  During her reign as champion, she faced a tough challenge in Io Shirai whom she defeated to gain her first successful title defence.  Her reign did not end there; she went on to have another successful title defence against Fuka, however, after a strong showing, Taiyo’s first reign as High Speed ended after 138 days.

After going on a month-long undefeated run in multiple promotions, Kaori Yoneyama defeated Natsuki Taiyo to win the High Speed Championship on September 20, 2009.  Yoneyama was a strong pick for NEO because at the time she was also the number one contender for the JWP Openweight Title, even though Yoneyama was unable to win the JWP Openweight Title, she still held onto the NEO High Speed title.  Yoneyama had one successful High Speed title defence before dropping the title after holding it for 235 days.

High Speed Championship STARDOM

The title had found its way back to its true owner.  On March 14, 2010, at Road to Maniax, a JWP event, Natsuki Taiyo finally got her win back over Kaori Yoneyama taking back her High Speed championship which she had dropped to Yoneyama six months prior becoming the first-ever two-time High Speed Champion in the process.  Taiyo took the title along with her to different promotions and was able to defend it three times against some of the most competitive high flyers of Japan; her second reign lasted for 258 days.

It was time for a fresher face to hold the title and therefore on November 27, 2010, in Kawasaki, Japan, Leon defeated Taiyo in a 20-minute match to win the High Speed Championship.  At this point in time, something happened which changed the course of the title’s history, for two years, NEO had been suffering a decline in business and was upon very weak pillars; the final nail in the coffin for NEO was most of their top stars retiring from the promotion.  This caused the company a lot of damage business-wise and this it was decided by management in May of 2010 that the company would be shut down by the end of 2010 and the final show of NEO was held on December 31, 2010.

This left the title hanging in the air, however, before NEO went out of business for good, it transferred the rights of the High Speed Championship to this very new promotion that was created only months prior known as World Wonder Ring Stardom and thus started the Stardom era of the High Speed Championship. Leon defended the title successfully three times and her reign with the title saw this shift in promotion; Leon’s title reign lasted for 239 days.

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