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STARDOM: Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022 | Preview – January 29th 2022

The first major show of 2022 comes to us from Nagoya on 1/29 and it’s the Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022. Looking at the card, I couldn’t help but be intrigued, and disappointed, at the same time. I’ll get into my disappointment here soon but really, most of the matches are pretty intriguing to me and they should be top-notch for sure. I know that I usually go to the matches but today I’m going to do something a little different. I won’t say, you’ll just have to notice for yourselves. Let’s get things rolling, shall we? Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022!

We’re going to start the preview with…

World of Stardom Championship: Syuri (c) vs MIRAI

We’re starting the preview off with the World of Stardom Championship match as MIRAI, one of the two new members of Donna del Mondo, gets her first title match against fellow unit mate Syuri. If you’re finding yourself confused, MIRAI was formerly known as Mirai Maiumi when she competed for TJPW. She’s a hell of a competitor with a 7.39 currently on Cagematch. While she may have a mediocre rating on Cagematch, I find MIRAI to be quite entertaining in the ring. She’s got a powerhouse style that fits in well with the others of DDM. Sure, she’s up against the MMA specialist Syuri (9.31 Cagematch rating) in this match, who capped off an amazing 2021 with her victory over Utami Hayashishita, but this will be a lot more competitive than people expect. Syuri can get a good match out of anyone and she shouldn’t have to do much to do so with her opponent this time. This will be her first defence of the World title and it should be a good one. Maybe not great, but it will be good. Rest assured, there is no way Syuri is losing in her very first defence.

Prediction: Syuri

Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani (c) vs Unagi Sayaka

Saya Kamitani, who won the Wonder title off of Tam Nakano in an incredible match back at the Dream Queendom event, will be making her first defence against Unagi Sayaka, a former Future of Stardom champion. This should be a lot better than people are thinking honestly. You’ve got Saya Kamitani, the Golden Phoenix of Stardom and one of their rising stars against one of the scrappiest women I’ve seen come into the fold since Kairi Hojo. Both women are young into their careers, neither woman exceeding 3 years of experience, and still have a lot of room for growth. They’re both all-rounders with Saya having a more aerial attack base than Unagi does. What the eel can do though is make this a match where Saya has to use her speed to try and get away from a more power-based Unagi. Neither women boast a high rating on Cagematch currently with Unagi holding a 6.13 and Saya holding a 7.35 but both women are much better than those ratings suggest and should be able to entertain everyone watching their match. I don’t think Saya loses this match, she just became champion after all, but it will be competitive and Unagi will come close to dethroning the Phoenix.

Prediction: Saya Kamitani

Three Way Match: Mayu Iwatani vs Tam Nakano vs Giulia
Special Stipulation: There will be two winners in this match, with each victor earning a future shot at the World of Stardom Champion on 3/26 and 3/27 respectively.

Alright, so Stardom is giving us a really interesting triple threat match on this show that will essentially be two matches rolled into one. Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano and Giulia will all be competing for a chance to challenge the World of Stardom Champion in March. How the match will work is that it will start as a triple threat and will go until one woman earns herself a victory. That woman will then exit the match, guaranteeing herself a title match on March 26 and the other two will then restart the match and compete for the shot granted on March 27. Those matches will take place at the Ryogoku Sumo Hall double show, hence the back-to-back dates. Mayu Iwatani boasts an insane 9.67 rating on Cagematch which should come as no surprise since she is the best women’s wrestler on the planet. Tam Nakano comes in with an 8.65 rating and Giulia owns herself an 8.41 rating. If you go by that, the results should speak for themselves but I am not going to subscribe to that. Instead, what I think will happen here is that the match will take the Match of the Night honours and it will steal the show. The prediction of a winner is a bit harder given the talent involved but I have a pretty good feeling about how it will go. I love all three ladies and watching one lose will be a bit rough, but no one will look bad in this match. Even in a loss.

Prediction: Mayu Iwatani wins the first fall | Giulia wins the second

Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022
The Grudge” Single’s Match: Utami Hayashishita vs Momo Watanabe

Perhaps the most intriguing match on the entire card is up next. Momo Watanabe betrayed the entirety of Queen’s Quest back in December and aligned herself with Oedo Tai. Since then, she has made it her mission to destroy QQ and she started earlier this month when she used a wrench in her boot to knock out AZM. She’s embracing her new role in OT and she is thriving as a result. Utami Hayashishita, who is sick and tired of the underhanded tactics and taunts coming from Momo, has made it her mission to shut her former leader up and end this before it gets off the ground. The former World of Stardom Champion has a large task in front of her, let me be honest. Momo Watanabe, with her 9.13 Cagematch rating, is perhaps the second-best woman on the Stardom roster right now. Sure, she was stagnating in QQ but her talent is indisputable. Utami, despite only wrestling for 3 years, boasts an incredible 8.49 rating on Cagematch and has won herself fans all over the world. She’s quickly becoming one of the must-see Joshi for sure. All that said, this is going to be one of the best matches of the card and it should have a winner, I just hope Stardom avoids the “time limit draw” ending which they are oh so fond of using for big feuds like this.

Prediction: Momo Watanabe

SWA Championship: Mina Shirakawa vs Thekla
Syuri voluntarily relinquished the SWA title after winning the World of Stardom Championship. This match will determine the new champion.

Thekla, the unorthodox as fuck new member of Donna del Mondo, gets her first title match in Stardom for the vacant SWA Championship as she faces off against Mina Shirakawa. “The Toxic Spider” Thekla currently has no official Cagematch rating but has an average of 8.33 for her very few votes. She’s got a very unique and unorthodox style, which I said before, that would lend itself very well to the High-Speed division of Stardom. She’s already proven to be entertaining as hell and keeps you guessing as to what she will do next while in the ring. Mina Shirakawa, on the other hand, holds a 6.86 rating on Cagematch. She does not have a good rating, but she is much better than that site gives her credit for. She has had some good matches while in Stardom and is scrappy as hell. The “Fighting H-Cup Gravure Wrestler” definitely has her work cut out for her in this match, let me tell you. Thekla will keep Mina on her toes the entire match and if she wants to win this match, Mina will have to not let Thekla get into her head. The mind games will flow in this match and the action will be pretty fast-paced. Mina says that if she wins the title, she wants to go abroad and defend the title all around the world, which I could see Stardom allowing her to do as it would give them a lot of exposure. Will it come to pass? I think maybe it will folks.

Prediction: Mina Shirakawa

From here on, there will be no cage-match ratings given to you. You’ll just have to check them out yourself if you’re curious…

Goddess of Stardom Championship:
FWC (Koguma & Hazuki) vs MaiHime (Maika & Himeka)

The new Goddess Champions FWC will take on 2/3rds of the Artist of Stardom Champions in Maika and Himeka. Maika and Himeka are two of the many powerhouses in Donna del Mondo and are perhaps the two most under-rated in the entire unit. Maika had a quiet but great showing in 2021 where her partner Maika had a more mediocre one results wise. That she returned from injury had a bit to do with that though. They get their shot against FWC, which stands for Fukuoka W (double) Crazy for those who didn’t know, who just dethroned Giulia and Syuri for those very belts mere days ago. Koguma and Hazuki are difficult opponents for women like Maika and Himeka. They will come at them with a very quick-paced offence which will play to both Hazuki and Koguma’s strength of being unpredictable. Koguma, the High-Speed Genius, will do her best to keep to the air and the match at a fast pace whereas Hazuki will be as unorthodox as possible and will vary up her attacks. Perhaps a bit of a sleeper match on the card, this one should be entertaining as hell and that’s all we can ask for, right? I don’t see FWC losing in their first defence, they’re too good as a team to be dethroned so fast.

Prediction: FWC (Koguma & Hazuki)

Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022
Future of Stardom Championship: Hanan (c) vs Lady C

Hanan, representing STARS, will be making her first title defence here against the newest member of the Queen’s Quest unit, Lady C. Lady C has come into her own as 2021 ended and 2022 begins. She’s finally chosen to align herself with Queen’s Quest after long deliberation, choosing them over Donna del Mondo. That choice hasn’t resulted in many much-changing results wise for the Lady but big things seem to be in her future. Hanan dethroned Ruaka for the title last month and this should be a solid match. It won’t be spectacular by any means, but it should be fun at least. The Future belt has become something for the less seasoned undercard women in Stardom to hone their skills on and Hanan is perhaps one of the better women to hold that belt in recent times. Anyone who owns the belt is poised to have big things happen in their career, provided they show that they can be trusted with it. Hanan is one of the younger members of the roster but she has a lot of upside to her as her Judo training gives her a lot of confidence in herself. I don’t think this match will blow anyone away but it should at least be entertaining for what it is. Don’t expect a title change just yet, Lady C will get her time eventually.

Prediction: Hanan

We’ve got some pre-show matches on Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022 too;

Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022 Pre Show | Single’s Match: Ruaka vs Rina

This is a throwaway match folk, I’m gonna be honest. As much as I like Rina, there’s no way she will draw a good match out of Ruaka. Both women represent Oedo Tai and are part of the “Young OED” part of the unit with Starlight Kid. Ruaka, as I have said countless times before, is a younger and safer Nia Jax. She’s all power, stiff and not all that athletic in the ring. She can’t carry a match at all and needs women more seasoned than she to do so for her. Despite her being a former Future of Stardom champion, Ruaka just does nothing to stand out or impress. Rina, one of the two Stardom twins, has a lot of upside to her. She just needs more time to hone her skills and work with more talented women to get better. This won’t be pretty it will be a car crash of a match. Pretty sure you’ll all be able to watch the preshow on Stardom’s youtube channel so check it out if you want.

Prediction: Ruaka

Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022 Pre Show | Six Woman Tag:
Momo Kogo, Waka Tsukiyama & Mai Sakurai vs Fukigen Death, Starlight Kid and Saki Kashima

And now we come to my disappointment with the card. Folks, I’m sorry, but Starlight Kid should never be delegated to the fucking pre-show of any Stardom PPV. She just won the fan vote for the Shining award and she is more popular than ever before. Plus, she is the current High-Speed Champion, let her defend that damned belt or give her a single’s match on the main card. Come to the hell on Stardom.

Anyway, you’ve got Waka Tsukiyama and Mai Sakurai, the two new members of Cosmic Angels, teaming with the newest Stardom signing in Momo Kogo taking on members of Oedo Tai. I’m sure not many of you know who Momo Kogo is. She is a former member of the ActWres Girl’z promotion and she reminds me of Hana Kimura. She’s got much the same look to her and she’s coming along skill-wise at a decent pace. She’s nowhere near as polished as Hana was, but she is someone who could have Hana’s level of charisma and skill if she polishes herself more. Another throwaway match really but I am hoping for Starlight Kid/Momo Kogo interactions. Hell, even some Saki Kashima/Momo Kogo interactions. I wanna see what Kid and Saki can do against the newbie. I don’t think this will be a great match but it has potential…

Prediction: Oedo Tai (Fukigen Death, Starlight Kid and Saki Kashima)

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