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    Breed Pro Wrestling – Starrcave Preview

    This Saturday, Breed Pro Wrestling has what I consider its biggest show to date, Starrcave.

    The graps will take place in a cave, yes you read that correctly a cave, just outside Sheffield. Breed has had some fun shows in the past ten months, but fans can definitely expect a thrilling time at Starrcave.

    Although this show was supposed to take place last month, Breed Management has worked diligently to make this an amazing show. The talent on the card is absolutely wonderful, former tag team partners going head to head, two of the best tag teams in the UK, and that is just two of the matches. 

    With eight matches on the card and three championship matches, there is plenty on deck for chaos and entertainment. Let’s take a look at what fans will be in store for on Saturday night!

    Chris Brookes, Kurtis Chapman, and Dani Luna vs More Than Hype

    (There’s no updated match graphic, so Shay has one of Chapman’s badges on his head. Soz Shay.)

    This match was originally supposed to be Chris Brookes and fellow Schadenfreude members, Aussie Open. Unfortunately with the date change and an injury, Kyle and Dunkzilla couldn’t make the show, but Breed Management gave Brookes two new partners. 

    Originally Brookes’ new partners were Shay Fu and Dani Luna, both of whom Brookes can’t stand. How he got these partners? You guessed it, More Than Hype tricked management. 

    In another unfortunate event, Shay Fu got injured at ATTACK Wednesday night, but Kurtis Chapman stepped up to take his place. This six-man tag should be a highlight of the night, possibly filled with some foolishness and if Chris Brookes has his way lots of bread.

    Women of Steel Match: Ivy vs Raven Creed

    The Women’s Champion, Ivy, has really caused Breed nothing but trouble. Breed has actually gone as far as to block her on Twitter. Ivy has been controversial at best during her run in Breed, management is at their witts end with her. So at the cave, she will face a woman she has done wrong, in Raven Creed in hopes that Raven can bring secure the Woman of Steel Championship. 

    Although Raven Creed is announced as the only opponent Ivy will face, Breed Management has said that there could be more women announced.

    Anti Fun Police vs Club Tropicana

    This is a match that began the longest match in Breed Wrestling history, possibly any wrestling company’s history, Gene Munny versus Session Moth Martina. Actually, as far as I am aware that match is still happening. 

    Because AFP vs Club Tropicana started that match, management decided the cave was the perfect place for a rematch. If Club Tropicana can secure the victory, that would put them as undefeated in Breed Wrestling.

    Chuck Mambo vs Speedball Mike Bailey

    This is a match that could steal the entire show. Chuck Mambo has been one of the best the UK has to offer for a while now, just take a look at what he has done in the past year. Speedball has been one of the best in the world, so putting the two of them in one match is bound to be amazing. 

    Luke Jacobs vs Dan Maloney 

    Luke Jacobs made quite the impression at Breeding Ground 3, when he faced Jay Joshua, that Breed Management decided a challenge was in order. Enter Dan Maloney. Facing Maloney definitely will be quite the challenge for Luke, but will most likely be the most hard-hitting of the night. 

    Carlos Romo vs A-Kid

    At the previous Breed show, Carlos Romo faced Daniel Makabe and enjoyed the challenge that brought, but was hungry for more. Romo went to Breed Management in hopes of getting another chance to prove himself, and they did not disappoint. 

    Saturday, Romo will face his Whitewolf tag team partner, A-Kid. These two know each other so well, it will certainly be quite the match up. 

    New Breed Title Match: Joe Nelson vs JJ Barker

    Joe Nelson has been putting on show-stealing matches all over the UK for most of this year and currently holds the New Breed Title. JJ Barker seems to be a tad jealous of this, so he decided to step up to the plate. In the cave, Barker will have the chance to have his moment and show Breed, and really the UK, what they’ve been missing.

    Scramble Match

    Four of the six competitors for this scramble have been announced, with the last two being surprise entrants. Look for some chaos to be involved with this one, there’s no telling who can win. 

    Breed Pro Wrestling Title Match: TK Cooper vs Brady Phillips vs Big Guns Joe

    TK Cooper will defend his championship against Brady Philips and Big Guns Joe. Cooper has been quite possibly the most dominant wrestler in Breed since its inception, but this will be his biggest test. Joe has had a wild ride to get to this opportunity, it wasn’t even supposed to be this way. Joe has so much support going into this match and that could be why he comes out the NEW Breed Pro Wrestling Champion.

    But Brady Philips still has a shot at winning, he makes his own opportunities and is the King of the Undergraps. One thing is for sure, TK is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to keep his title.

    There ya have it! This Saturday, wrestling in a cave! Breed is putting on such a unique and awesome show, so if you are in Sheffield be sure to come down and see the show! How many chances does one get to say they have been to a wrestling show in a cave?

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