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Multiple Superstars released from WWE

King Barrett and many more Superstars released in the annual roster ‘spring clean’.

It was confirmed today there was a number of WWE Superstars released from their contracts. WWE.com have confirmed that King Barrett, Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito and Zeb Colter have been released from their WWE contracts.

King Barrett has had a public contract dispute, which saw him tweet stating he would address the situation (which he never did). He has addressed his release on his official Twitter with this message;

Santino Marella is retired from in-ring competition, but has been helping backstage and working alongside the younger talents as a coach. He tweeted the following on his release;

Damien Sandow has had a bad year, after his famous “MizDow” angle which saw him a firm fan favourite and one of the highlights of Monday Night Raw. He has featured in battle royal’s and appeared as WWE Live shows but sadly he hasn’t bounced back since his genius character transformattion.

Cameron has been off of TV since the Funkadactyl’s split. Brodus Clay went over to TNA and Naomi has undergone a transformation with her tag team partner Tamina, leaving Cameron on the sidelines.

Last seen around February 2015, a feud with Los Matadores and El Torito didn’t last very long and Hornswoggle has long since gone from TV.

El Torito, as above, last feuded with Hornswoggle and now Los Matadores aren’t arounfd – El Torito isn’t needed

Zeb Colter has been seen alongside Alberto Del Rio’s resurface to WWE, but since ‘MexAmerica’ never took off he has been sent to the bench also. Once manager of Jack Swagger and Cesaro’s ‘Real Americans’ (another Raw highlight) when Cesaro was sidelined with an injury Swagger didn’t show back up on TV so Zeb was lost as well.

We will bring you more on this as new Superstars are announced.



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