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Survivor Series Countdown: Survivor Series 2013 Predictions

We are now just hours away from one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year, Survivor Series. As always with the big PPV’s on The Wrestling Mania we like to showcase these events with our special countdown articles, and this is no different.

We tasked our team this week with coming up with their Survivor Series Predictions and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The following showcases the diversity of writing styles that we have at TWM so sit back and relax as David Green & Matthew Roberts bring you their Survivor Series 2013 Predictions.

Matthew Roberts

Kofi Kingston Vs The Miz 

What I Would Book: Miz by pinfall. I am not a fan of The Miz and I wouldn’t book him to win if it was long-term planning, but faced with this match and his recent heel turn there would seem little point in jobbing him out here.  I’m nothing if not altruistic in my booking philosophy.

What Will Happen: Miz by pinfall. I know my fellow columnist David Green is convinced that this will mutate into a five-on-five match being a bonus on the main show. I think that would be far too exciting. So The Miz will pick up a pinfall win.

Intercontinental Championship
Big E. Langston Vs Curtis Axel

What I Would Book: Big E by pinfall.  Let’s face it, Langston has the size that the WWE just loves.  He’s an underused performer in some senses who has just won the IC belt.   There would be absolutely no sense in taking it off him now.  I would book this as a virtual squash.  In and out in five minutes.  Axel needs reheating, but now is not the time.

What Will Happen: Big E by pinfall.  As above there would be no real sense in Langston dropping the belt so soon after grabbing it, especially to a man who hasn’t really gotten over.  The son of Mr. Perfect he may be…but that’s about the only thing that is in his favour.  He’s a decent worker but hasn’t shown me one single bit of true top-card star power.  No doubt this will be booked competitively and be quite dull as a result.

Team AJ Vs Team Total Divas 

What I Would Book: Team Total Divas win. Well I’d book women with more talent if it was up to me, but we’re treating this as a one night booking reign so I’ll play along, recognise the “importance” to the company of the Total Diva’s show and have them winning. In order to keep their fella’s happy I would have the Bella’s being the sole survivors.  That should put the rest of them in their places.

What Will Happen: Team Total Divas win. For all the reasons above.  The “outside project” somehow convinces the WWE of some form of “mainstream” success so unless antagonistic storylines are going to be furthered here by dissension within the Total Diva’s that can be played out in the alternative universe that is that show there’s only one winner.

Team Rhodes Vs Team Shield

What I Would Book: Team Shield win.  There have been enough “feel good” moments for Cody Rhodes and Goldust recently so I think it’s about time The Shield proclaimed their dominance again.  I’d be half tempted to book a Diesel/Shawn Michaels style kerfuffle between Roman Reigns and his Shield counterparts, to tease the break up, or I might prefer to book an Antonio Cesaro split from Jack Swagger but that might seem premature.

What Will Happen: Team Rhodes win. It’s not so much the surprising success of the Rhodes boys teaming up as much as the return of Rey Misterio (or so I’m told) to our screens as part of their team. We all know how contrary the WWE can be, but I can’t seem them going against another feel good moment here.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Vs The Wyatt’s 

What I Would Book: Punk & Bryan win.  They are the established acts who are in need of a little TLC as far as I am concerned.  And I do mean tender loving care. Jobbing them here would only cement the fact that they don’t consider Daniel Bryan as a true headliner and Punk doesn’t deserve to lose either.

What Will Happen: Wyatt’s win. I think the Wyatt’s will somehow contrive their way to a controversial victory, which may well lead to a gimmick match between the same two teams at TLC.  And this time I do mean Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio 

What I Would Book: John Cena by pinfall. If I had been booking Hell In A Cell, this would be a re-match where Del Rio was defending after retaining in the previous one.   Either way, there’s no point booking Del Rio to win here unless it’s just a way to drag ANOTHER pay-per-view match between the pair.

What Will Happen: John Cena by pinfall. He’ll no doubt also find a way to yet again no-sell the legitimately devastating submission holds of Del Rio DESPITE the fact he’s just come back from his own devastating arm injury…

WWE Championship
Randy Orton Vs The Big Show 

What I Would Book: Randy Orton by pinfall.  I understand the idea that The Big Show has stood up to the Triple H and Stephanie, but if that storyline is to have any ongoing impetus, the chosen one Orton needs to dominate

What Will Happen: Randy Orton by pinfall. There will be shenanigans involving the extra cast of thousands working around this storyline which will lead to Orton clawing his way to a tainted victory.

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