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TCW Silent Nightmare Review & Results


TCW: Silent Nightmare – 21st December 2014

Silent night…. Holy night….. Sleep in heavenly peace…..

Never could a set of lyrics be more wrong, definitely for this latest festive offering from Tidal Championship Wrestling! With a card that looked stronger than an Ox on paper, The Wrestling Mania and friends headed down to Leeds University Union for their monthly dose of local independant wrestling.

This was without a doubt the best show that Tidal have put on this year. The crowd took a while to warm up but after Liam Lazarus opened the show with a promo stating that the fun is over and he’s serious about winning the title, the show was on.

Opening the card was El Ligero vs Mark Andrews, and for those who don’t know El Ligero is ‘The Mexican Sensation’. Coming to the ring in his trademark cape and horned luchador style mask, and Mark Andrews is the recent winner of TNA’s British Bootcamp 2 (aired on Challenge TV and live tweeted by us throughout!) so the crowd knew then that they were in for a treat. The match was a great opener and featured some really impressive spots, and surprisingly it was Mexico that overcame Wales with a win for El Ligero. Arriba!

The 15 minute Iron Man Submission match took a while to get going, perhaps it should have opened the show. the ‘Armbar Superstar’ Dan James got 2 quick submissions, but it was Sean Only‘s hard work and perseverance that eventually brought him level to 2-2. After he managed to get himself a third submission by using his opponents’ own submission move against him, the countdown clock was at 30 seconds and Dan James locked in a single leg crab, much to the hatred of the crowd who chanted “Please Don’t Tap! Please Don’t Tap!” at Sean Only who was writhing on the mat in agony. He managed to hold out for another 10 seconds and picked up the win 3-2.

The Tsunami Women’s Tag Match saw 4 women as legal wrestlers, Ruby Summers, Lana Austin, Nixon Newell & Violet O’Hara – resulting in chaos both inside and outside the ring. It was a spot fest during the middle of the match, when there was a pinfall IN the ring and a submission OUTSIDE the ring, the two referee’s managed to come to a joint decision when they declared a restart, and the team of Lana Austin and Ruby Summers managed to pick up the victory.

Next up we saw team So Scandalous against The Proven, although keeping with the festive theme they were announced as “The Frozen” and came out to ‘Let It Go‘ from the Disney movie – and armed with plenty of movie references they were shouting thing’s at the Ref such as “Ref! Just…… Let It Go” and the Ref responded with “Hey! ….. If you don’t wanna wrestle… Do you wanna build a snowman?!” Some good high spots throughout the match saw Team So Scandalous beat The Frozen/Proven.

TNA Superstar and general monster Bram was out next, to face off against Dynamite Pete Dunn. This match was one of the highlights thanks to both wrestlers. The match flowed brilliantly and even had a brawl around the Leeds venue, seeing tables action (sadly not through it) and around to the bar area. But back into the ring to the end and we saw some foul play by Bram with an eye rake whilst the ref was distracted which got him the victory.

For me, the next match was to be the Match Of The Night – hell even Match Of The YEAR! I have never in my life heard of a Onesie Match but I couldn’t wait to find out what the hell it was!! As Dara Diablo and JD Boom made their way out to the ring – the Ref carried in the holy Onesie and declared that the winner of the match was the first person to put all their limbs in the correct holes, and do up the Onesie. Easier said than done.

As the Onesie was used as a weapon during the match (tieing it to the turnbuckle and having a member of the crowd hold the other end as Diablo whipped Boom into it, face first!) there were a few close calls early on. Also as Diablo was down on the outside, Boom went for the win only to try and suplex the Onesie, and it counter attack and get a 2-count!!! (Something we’d never seein WWE, okay maybe Raw given it’s current rep). Diablo managed to pick up the win though, finally pulling it on and celebrating on the turnbuckles to the appreciative crowd!

The penultimate match was up next which saw ‘Ginger Jesus’ Mike Bird up against Morgan Webster, billed from A Town Call Malice. This match had some great spots, including what looked like a 1020 splash from the top rope! Plenty of chops left each chest bright red, and even the splash couldn’t keep Bird down, as he pulled all the Christmas spirit he could and got the pinball.

 This Main Event meant everything. Liam Lazarus had been out before the match explaining that he was a serious contender after being El Ligero at the 1st Anniversary show and that there would be no Tea, no Dancing (cue the booing) and that he was serious about winning the TCW Championship. Rampage Brown hit the squared circle looking mean, you could tell he wasn’t going to give up that title. As the match got underway there were hops, blocks, jabs, kicks and stomps as both men were going at it. They broke to the outside and both used the ring as a weapon, throwing each other into the corner posts. It meant so much to both men.

After they could hardly stand, Rampage signalled the end getting Lazarus up for a powerbomb, and not only did he hit one, but two HUGE ones. As the ref got down it seemed like it was all over, until the ref spotted Lazarus’ foot was under the rope. He’d survived, but only just. The force of that second powerbomb has caused him to black out for a moment. After the checked him over, Lazarus caught Rampage off guard as he rolled him up for the 1,2,3 count! He’d done it!


The referee helped him to his feet but it was clear he’d seriously hurt himself. After the show Liam was taken straight to hospital where it was confirmed he’d suffered a legitimate concussion. (One for the haters that call it fake) We wish Liam a speedy recovery over the festive season and wish him all the luck in defending his new title in January at Tidal’s next event, in Darlington in January.


Match Results:

El Ligero beat Mark Andrews

15-Minute Iron Man Submission Match
Sean Only beat Dan James with 3 submissions to 2

Tsunami Tag Team
Ruby Summers & Lana Austin beat Nixon Newell & Violet O’Hara

So Scandalous (Damian Dunne & Ryan Smile) beat The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder)

Bram (TNA Superstar) beat ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunn

Onesie Match (Yes, you read that correctly!)
Dara Diablo beat JD Boom

Flying Mike Bird beat Flash Morgan Webster

TCW Championship
Liam Lazarus defeated Rampage Brown with a roll up to become the NEW TCW Champion!

What a show, thanks everyone for reading and a massive well done on a great year for Tidal. We hope to see you at the next show which is February 8th 2015.

For more information on Tidal Championship Wrestling:

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/TIDALWRESTLING

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