The Quarry Horror Game Release Date Starring David Arquette & Horror Icon Ted Raimi

Supermassive Games announces new horror game starring David Arquette and will include horror icon Ted Raimi.

The Quarry will be available on June 10, 2022, for PC|Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

The Quarry’s cast will include David Arquette, Ted Raimi, Brenda Song, Ariel Winter, Evan Evagora, Halston Sage, Justice Smith, Miles Robbins, Siobhan Williams, Skyler Gisondo, Grace Zabriskie, Lance Henriksen, Lin Shaye, and others.

The new horror game will be co-op play. This will allow eight players to play together. The player will be able to interact to make decisions in the game. It has been advised by the developers that additional modes such as movie mode will be available.


Pre order is available till June 10, 2022.

“Pre-order to receive the Horror History Visual Filter Pack*! Tailor the aesthetic of The Quarry to your liking by choosing from three cinematic visual filters, each replicating a different style of horror filmmaking: Indie Horror, ’80s Horror, and Black-and-White Classic Horror.”- The Quarry

The Quarry Deluxe Edition:

The deluxe edition will include Gorefest option in Movie Mode, Horror History Visual Filter Pack, Instant access to death rewind system, and 80’s throwback outfits.

“Death Rewind is a retry mechanic that normally unlocks after your first completion of The Quarry. Start the story with three opportunities to reverse a playable character’s death, giving you a chance to alter fate and save them in the process. But with only three retries per playthrough, you’ll have to decide when someone’s life is truly worth saving, and the undoing of one horrible end may lead to another. Choose wisely.”- The Quarry

The game will allow you to play as nine different camp counselors. The object of the game is to do your best to get them away from danger or you can lead them into danger.

The Quarry is developed by Will Byles and the team from Until Dawn.

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