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TJPW: International Princess Championship | Title History

The International Princess Championship is the latest title that was introduced in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. With the Princess of Princess Championship being the top singles championship in TJPW, a title had to be introduced to reward some of the mid-card wrestlers who are on their road to glory. However, in the short history of the championship, it has become something more than just an undercard title and holds great prestige not only within Joshi Wrestling but also beyond the boundaries of Japan. The title was a part of TJPW’s aims of garnering new eyes from across the world. The International Princess Championship was introduced on July 16, 2019.

International Princess Championship | Dramatic DDT

To determine the inaugural champion for the newly introduced title, a Joshi wrestler Natsumi Maki went head to head against an international wrestler who was recommended by fans and wrestlers from all over the world, Gisele Shaw. The match took place on August 25, 2019, at Korakuen Hall where Natsumi Maki defeated Gisele Shaw to become the first International Princess Champion.

Maki’s reign wasn’t as glorious as her win over Shaw. Maki got involved in tag team action going against Yuna Manase who often found herself in the other corner to Maki. After getting a win over Maki in a tag match, Manase earned her right to challenge for the International Princess Championship. So, only twenty-two days after winning the championship, Maki failed to defend the International Princess Championship in a match against Yuna Manase who became the second-ever International Princess Championship. There is speculation over whether this was the original decision going into the match given that Natsumi was injured during the match. The ending might have been changed accordingly.

International Princess Championship | Dramatic DDT

When Manase won the title, fans thought that this reign was going to be much longer than the previous one. They were wrong. In a tag team match, a new up and coming star, Maki Itoh got the win over Yuna Manase. Manase was struggling in tag team matches a lot. She wasn’t being protected despite winning the International Princess Championship. Soon, she was booked in a match against the woman who had won a fall over her previously, Maki Itoh. Just like the first International Princess Champion, Yuna couldn’t successfully defend the belt even one time as Maki Itoh brought Yuna’s thirty-three-day reign to an end.

The cutest in the world Maki Itoh wasn’t going to let go of the International Princess Championship so easily and she showed so by taking on British Pro Wrestler Nightshade in her first title defence. Itoh got out on top by pinning Nightshade in a ten-minute encounter in Nagoya. Itoh was then launched into a feud with Hikari Noa which led to a match between the two talented Joshi wrestlers. The match was entertaining, going back and forth but Itoh defended the title successfully yet again when she defeated Hikari that night. However, just a day after defeating Hikari, Maki was booked in another match with a much stronger and fresher opponent in Thunder Rosa who defeated Maki on January 5, 2020.

Thunder Rosa Vacates International Princess Title - Last Word on Pro  Wrestling

Thunder Rosa was on her way to the top of TJPW and was also the first gaijin to win the International Princess Championship. Sadly, Rosa couldn’t wrestle in Japan soon after because of COVID 19 Travel Restrictions. This led to Rosa holding onto the title for two hundred and seventy-six days (more than any other in the title’s short history) before she had to vacate the championship.

Soon a tournament was announced in Fall 2020 to determine a new International Princess Champion. It was an eight-woman single-elimination tournament. The eight women selected for the tournament were Hikari Noa, Shoko Nakajima, Yuki Kamifuku, Suzume, Mirai Maiumi, Pom Harajuku, Raku and Mahiro Kiryu. All the women in the line-up were equally deserving and had a right to be the International Princess Champion. The finals saw former International Princess Champion Hikari Noa and Yuki Kamifuku battle it out for the title. On November 7, 2020, Yuki Kamifuku won the International Princess Championship in the finals of that tournament.

Since winning the Championship Kamifuku has gone on to defeat Mahiro Kiryu, Mirai Maiumi and Nao Kakuta for her three successful title defences. She faced off against Noso Hikari on 4th May 2021 at YES! WONDERLAND 2021, defeating her after a reign at over a hundred and sixty days.

Noso Hikari is now the current International Princess Champion.

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