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TJPW: Princess of Princess Championship | Title History

The Princess of Princess Championship is the most prestigious championship in TJPW and it determines the top Joshi wrestler of the promotion. The title was introduced on October 12, 2015, originally as the Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship. 

A Champion had to be decided soon and thus on the dawn of the new year, January 4, 2016, at their biggest show of all time: Tokyo Joshi Puroresu ’16 Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling had two of its top stars, Shoko Nakajima and Miyu Yamashita battle it out at Korakuen Hall which resulted in Miyu Yamashita coming out on top and becoming the inaugural Princess of Princess Champion.

In the following days, Yamashita wasn’t as dominant in her matches as she was when she first won the Championship. She was facing trouble in Tag Team matches during her feud against Shoko Nakajima. Not long after she had won the Princess of Princess title, Yamashita was challenged by Nakajima for the Championship. Even though Nakajima had strong performances against Yamashita in the previous weeks, Yamashita came out on top and defended her Championship successfully. Yamashita was then quickly launched into another rivalry, this time against Nonoko which resulted in a match between the two for the Princess of Princess Championship where Yamashita defeated Nonoko. Yamashita went on to defeat Yuka Sakazaki in her last successful title defence before she was met by the unstoppable force that was Yuu who brought Yamashita’s reign to an end after 262 days.

Princess Of Princess Championship Yuka Sakazaki

Yuu, at the time, was getting a strong push from TJPW and she was on her way to becoming one of the best Joshi wrestlers in the world. She had assumed the role of the dominant powerhouse in TJPW and when she won the Princess of Princess Championship only nine months into her in-ring career, fans knew that she was the top star of TJPW. Her reign backed those first impressions and expectations that fans had set for her. Her reign lasted 255 days and had four successful title defences before she hit a wall in the form of Yuka Sakazaki who defeated Yuu for the Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship.

Sakazaki was slowly putting herself on the map and winning the Princess of Princess championship was a big step for her. Sakazaki had previously failed to win the Princess of Princess Championship so there was a shadow of doubt looming over whether or not she could defeat a dominant and strong champion like Yuu. However, Sakazaki went 20 minutes against Yuu and came out on top. It was a big moment in Sakazaki’s young career but the reign didn’t live up to the expectations that fans had of her. After only 83 days she lost the Princess of Princess Championship to Reika Saiki

Saiki had gradually moved into the spotlight and winning the Princess of Princess Championship gave her the push that she had earned in her previous few matches. She had formerly challenged Yuu for the Princess of Princess Championship but had been unsuccessful. This time, however, she defeated Sakazaki. During her 131-day reign as the Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship, she defended the title successfully two times, once against Sakazaki’s partner from Magical Sugar Rabbits, Mizuki and the other against Rika Tatsumi. She was dethroned by former champion Miyu Yamashita.

By defeating Reika Saiki, Yamashita had become the first-ever two-time and started arguably the greatest Princess of Princess Championship. She became unstoppable the moment she won the championship. During her second reign as Champion, Yamashita defended the title successfully a total of ten times, by far more than any other champion in the history of TJPW. During her run, she defeated Yuna Manase, Veda Scott, Priscilla Kelly, Yuu, Maho Kurone, Rika Tatsumi and Maki Itoh. Her reign as the Princess of Princess Champion lasted for 484 days. She also won the Shine Championship by defeating Allysin Kay in a Champion vs Champion match. However, her reign came to an end at the hands of Shoko Nakajima.

Shoko Nakajima and Miyu Yamashita go way back. They were in the first Princess of Princess Championship match to decide the inaugural Champion which was won by Yamashita. However, this time, Nakajima got the better of Yamashita. Nakajima had a pretty strong run as champion even though it wasn’t as long as some of the others. She had three successful defences. Her title win was long overdue. Many fans believe that she should have gotten her win earlier but better late than never. Her reign lasted a total of 184 days and was ended by Yuka Sakazaki.

This was Sakazaki’s second run as the Princess of Princess Champion and she had become one of the only two wrestlers to hold the title more than once in the history of TJPW. Her second run lasted much longer than her first one. During her reign as Champion, she was going back and forth from AEW and TJPW bringing a lot of eyes on her. She even defeated Dr Britt Baker DMD and defended the Princess of Princess Championship against former Champion Miyu Yamashita. She had a total of four title defences in TJPW and her reign lasted a whopping 428 days, the second-longest in TJPW’s history. She was defeated by Rika Tatsumi.

AndNEW: Rika Tatsumi Wins Princess of Princess Championship

Rika Tatsumi is the current Princess of Princess Champion in her first run with the title after defeating Sakazaki via the referee’s decision. Since then she defeated Miu Watanabe in her first title defence and holds the title to this day.

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