TO YOUR ETERNITY – A Masterpiece!

Review of the anime “To Your Eternity”- Written By: Zorez_11

Not many great artists can manage to make a show feel like a journey, but some have effortlessly showcased their talent in some of the best ways possible. Yoshitoki Oima, best known for her award-winning film A Silent Voice, yet again gave us another series of beautifully condensed episodes this year called, “To Your Eternity.” To your eternity, hands down, has earned the top spot for me and is probably by far one of the best seasons this year has offered us. I would undoubtedly give it a rating of 10/10!

Let us take a look at what makes this show so good.


“To your eternity” delves into an emotional journey of a surreal orb sent into the real world that holds the power to miraculously morph itself into other beings with a strong impetus. Initially, it falls on earth and acquires the shape of a rock, as seasons change it transforms into moss. Not too long after, an injured wolf comes by and dies next to it, and the orb becomes that wolf. As it starts to gain conscience and travels in search of new knowledge and new experiences, it meets humans and takes over their forms, forever engraving the memories of the deceased into itself.

Story Progression:

The plot is unique and very well-paced. What makes it feel like a journey, is the fact that we too are unaware of what the orb’s purpose in this world is. As the plot progresses, we learn just as much as the orb does. We’re not really given any extra hints or background info, instead of navigating the story through a third-person perspective, it feels more like a first-person, or a second-person perspective to say the least. This adds more to the curiosity and confusion, and at the same time, makes the experience even more intriguing.

Another great thing about the series is that it successfully manages to tie your hooks right off the bat. Personally, I love shows with mind-blowing first episodes, shows that start crazy and leave an impact on you as soon as they begin. This is exactly what you get to witness in To Your Eternity. A barely 20-minute long episode feels like a full-length film just because of all the enriching content you’re left with to absorb. The build-up in the episode is gradual, and it makes sure to grab your heart-strings and then ends with an everlasting effect, kickstarting a new purpose for the character and the audience to look forward to. This goes on to show us just how beautifully this show manages to maintain a firm grip on our hooks that makes us want to continue it.


Last but not least, there are several other great elements in To your eternity.

It brings us a beautiful cast of characters that even after parting ways remain with us. To your eternity has its own way of making us feel happy and sad at the same time. Combined with its alluring art, and excellent soundtracks, To your eternity definitely induces a good amount of serotonin in you.

This show is truly a masterpiece, and a must-watch. If you love adventure, then look no further, this is your sign to go stream To your eternity right now!

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