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Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: YES! WONDERLAND | Tues 4th May 2021

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: YES! WONDERLAND | We are still in the middle of our dreams | Tuesday, 4th May 2021 | 11:30 | Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling presented another major show called “YES! WONDERLAND”. The show took place at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo and due to covid restrictions, there were no fans in attendance. The card featured seven matches.

You can watch all the action from Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling over at Wrestle Universe.

OPENING MATCH | MATCH ONE | TAG-TEAM MATCH: Pom Harajuku & Haruna Neko Vs. Mahiro Kiryu & Moka Miyamoto

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: YES! WONDERLAND

This match was an interesting opener to a show which featured multiple title matches. TJPW’s started off with a fresh matchup as Moka Miyamoto and Mahiro Kiryu tested the waters as they started out as a tag team in their first match together on this show. Kiryu and Miyamoto have been teaming with different wrestlers in the past and they seemed to have found the right partners for each other in the beginning of the match. They put up a great fight to the already established team of Pom Harajuku and Haruna Neko as they traded blows back and forth. Whenever Kiryu and Miyamoto seemed to be gaining the advantage they were shot down by Neko and Pom. Miyamoto and Kiryu did seem to have the match in their hands until they were outdone by the chemistry between their opponents as Harajuku connected with the  Pom Do Justice on Moka Miyamoto which was enough to keep her down for the three count.

MATCH TIME: 07m 18s

WINNER: Pom Harajuku via a Pom Do Justice

MATCH TWO | SIX-WOMAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino [BAKURETSU Sisters] & Hyper Misao Vs. Nao Kakuta, Marika Kobashi & Raku

Following the first tag team match was another tag team match, albeit with a few more competitors involved. Noa Kakuta, Marika Kobashi and Raku are all very strong contenders and have seen singles success in the past. However, on paper, the combination of Hyper Misao and the BAKURETSU Sisters seems unstoppable which is exactly what we saw in this match. Misao and the BAKRETSU Sisters gave their opponents a tough time during the match and had them suffocated at points where it seemed like there was no hope for Kakuta, Kobashi and Raku. Despite that, the latter fought back strong and the match really shone the light on the talent of all these six women. It wasn’t useful enough as towards the end the BAKURETSU Sisters gained the advantage and Nodoka Tenma ended the match with a Kill Switch on Marika Kobashi  after a gruelling match.

MATCH TIME: 10m 07s

WINNERS: Nodoka Tenma [BAKURETSU Sisters] via a Kill Switch

MATCH THREE | TAG-TEAM MATCH | YUKI ARAI DEBUT MATCH: Maki Itoh & Arisu Endo Vs. Miu Watanabe & Yuki Arai

The card then proceeded with another tag team match but this was more special. This match served the purpose of drawing in mainstream attention. TJPW loaded their internationally exposed star Maki Itoh against the debuting Yuki Arai. Yuki Arai is a part of the Japanese Idol musical group SKE48 who are quite popular both inside and outside of Japan. Her joining TJPW has already caught a lot of mainstream buzz and as expected, most fans tuned in to watch this match. The match started off with both teams refusing to shake hands showing that they meant war. The match was mostly carried by Itoh, Watanabe and Endo as they are equally great competitors and to help along Arai. Nonetheless, Arai slowly caught her footing and became an integral part of the match and towards the end it was her and Itoh just going at it. Itoh ended up getting the upper hand and locking in the Itoh deluxe on Arai one last time. Itoh cranked it up a notch by arching Arai’s back as far back as possible and hooking her arm as well causing Arai to tap out. 

MATCH TIME: 13m 12s

WINNER: Maki Itoh via an Itoh Deluxe

You are not SKE48’s Yuki Arai, you’re a professional wrestler Yuki Arai! If you’re a professional wrestler, keep giving dreams like an idol!

Maki Itoh

MATCH FOUR | THREE-WAY MATCH | PRINCESS OF PRINCESS CHAMPIONSHIP NO. 1 CONTENDER MATCH: Yuka Sakazaki [Magical Sugar Rabbits] Vs. Mizuki [Magical Sugar Rabbits] Vs. Shoko Nakajima

A match with really high stakes was just what the show needed at this moment after three consecutive tag team matches. To shake things even further it was a three way match. The match started hot right out of the gate. All three competitors engaged in a heated wrestlefest in the first few minutes. A short-lived alliance was also formed between Shoko Nakajima and Yuka Sakazaki in the beginning, inflicting great deal of pain on Mizuki. The match saw a lot of action involving all three women at the same time in spots like exchanging strikes and locking in submissions on each other. All three were actively participating in the match until the end where Yuka Sakazaki was seemingly out of the mix. Shoko Nakajima had taken control of the match and it was hers to lose. She connected with the 619 and was ready to finish off Mizuki when out of nowhere Yuka Sakazaki jumped into the fray and rolled up Nakajima in the Koromogawa to keep her shoulders pinned to the mat for the fall.

MATCH TIME: 11m 05s

WINNER: Yuka Sakazaki [Magical Sugar Rabbits] via a Koromogawa

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: YES! WONDERLAND
Zain Jafri
Zain Jafri
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