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Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: YES! WONDERLAND | Tues 4th May 2021


The story between the two competitors dates back to almost a year ago when these two met in October of last year to compete over the vacant International Princess Championship which was relinquished by Thunder Rosa due to travel restrictions because of COVID-19. The match was a tough fought one but Kamifuku came out on top. She has been defeating every challenger in her path and had racked up three successful title defences coming into this match. Hikari Noa on the other hand was slowly getting her stronghold in the singles division and this match was her first big opportunity. The match began and it didn’t take long for these two women to take the action outside the ring. Kamifuku was the first one to get foreign objects involved as soon into the match she body slams Hikari Noa onto a pile of chairs on the outside gaining momentum. Noa was subject to a great deal of pain from here on as Kamifuku continued her barrage of steel chairs onto Noa. It was only when the two competitors got back into the ring did Hikari Noa finally get a chance to fight back. She outwrestled Kamifuku until it was even but Kamifuku got the upper hand towards the end. She looked to finish Noa off as she climbed up to the top rope but Hikari was quick to get to her feet and run up the top rope as she grabbed a hold of Kamifuku’s waist and launched her back to the mat with a northern lights suplex. She wasn’t done. She picked Kamifuku up and connected with the Northern Lights Blizzard Suplex once more. Kamifuku wasn’t able to get up from the two back-to-back suplexes long until after the referee had counted the three. Hikari Noa had won her first championship in TJPW.

MATCH TIME: 11m 25s

WINNER: Hikari Noa via the Blizzard Suplex

SEMI-MAIN EVENT | MATCH SIX | PRINCESS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Sakisama & Mei Saint Michel [Neo Biishiki-Gun] (C) Vs. Mirai Maiumi & Suzume [BeeStar]

This was Neo Biishiki-Gun’s first title defence after winning the Princess Tag Team Championship at “Still Incomplete” last month. Heading into the match it was likely that the champions were going to successfully defend their titles since it would have been pointless giving them just a 17-day run.  The champions looked confident and took control of the match in the start dominating their opponents. However, the chemistry between Maiumi and Suzume helped them make the playing field level after some athletic moves from Suzume to make the save for her friend in peril. The match was very entertaining stacked with spot after spot keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. That was the case moving into the end as only Mei Saint Michel and Suzume were left in the ring. Michel showed her violent side as she locked in the Saint-Michel single-leg sit-down Boston crab on suzume after smashing her head on the mat. Suzume was forced to tap out underneath the crushing weight of Mei’s knee and her back being bent in the opposite direction. Much like at “Still Incomplete” Mei-Saint Michel picked up the win for her team here.

MATCH TIME: 18m 29s 

WINNER: Neo Biishiki-Gun via The “Saint-Michel”


Yamashita laid down the challenge for Rika Tatsumi’s Princess of Princess Championship at “Still Incomplete” after Tatsumi had defeated her partner Maji Itoh in a hard-fought battle. Yamashita’s challenge was met with a slap signalling disrespect and hostility. Yamashita is the toughest challenge Tatsumi is met with so far and that was somehow reinforced in this match. This match was nothing less than a strategic war between two technically gifted wrestlers. Unlike most of the previous matches on the card, this match saw the two competitors really working over each other’s limbs and inflicting as much pain as possible using different holds in their arsenal. Rika Tatsumi targeted Yamashita’s leg while Yamashita’s attempts of working her opponent’s leg weren’t working. Realizing that she was technically being outwrestled, Yamashita smartly changed the direction of the match and made it a striking competition which is where she had the upper hand. Filled to the brim with overconfidence, Tatsumi accepted this change in the match strategy only to be met with the sheer strength and power of Yamashita’s kicks to her head. Tatsumi tried her best to cause damage with the hip attacks but Yamashita held her ground and connected with a roundhouse kick, followed by a skull kick. She then proceeded to hit the Crash Rabbit Heat Shining Wizard on Tatsumi to knock her opponent out cold. Yamashita then dragged her body over Tatsumi’s to win the Princess of Princess Championship.

MATCH TIME: 15m 06s

WINNER: Miyu Yamashita via Crash Rabbit Heat

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