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In the last few months, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling has garnered a lot of new fans from across the world. Their popularity has been increasing exponentially and fresh sets of eyes tune in to different TJPW shows every week. One of the main reasons for that was Maki Itoh showing up in AEW and attracting a lot of fans by being the cutest in the world. Maki Itoh is a part of TJPW’s talented and stunning roster. The skill of these Joshi wrestlers is unparalleled and when combined with a strong touch of comedy, it becomes something special. 

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling

DDT in general has been attempting to broaden their horizon and expand the product. Their recent shows like “Still Incomplete” and “Chris Brookes Produce Shows” have been successful in retaining that international audience. However, these events aren’t their only output for entertainment. Apart from their shows which are broadcasted on DDT Universe, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling also has an official YouTube channel, which you can find here

They launched their YouTube channel in late 2019 initially being used only for press conferences and interviews showcasing their stars. They put on a lot of content right on the first day featuring a diverse collection of videos. It also featured a series “If you’re a woman; please choose the ring” which highlighted almost all of the TJPW roster in thirty-second clips. It was a way of allowing new fans to recognize the wrestlers when they saw them on their screens later on. The channel then started doing something unique and it started diving into the wrestlers’ lives be it in the form of vlogs or via skits. It gave fans a fresh and intriguing perspective on these characters as they evolved and interacted with people inside and outside the squared circle. This helped in adding a great deal of depth to their personas as it became a perfect blend of reality and fiction. 

While the aforementioned elements were still there, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling began to realize how valuable their YouTube channel had the potential to be and began to efficiently utilize it. Soon short promos started appearing hyping up future shows and events. For newer fans, teams and wrestlers were introduced with each tag team getting around a minute to get their characters and personalities across the camera as successfully as possible. This ranged from heels showing their strict and stern characters to Rika Tatsumi trying to cut her hair on camera and Marika Kobashi desperately trying to avoid her partner from going insane. TJPW used their YouTube channel as much as possible to get viewers invested in the product and keep them up to date with what’s happening in the storylines.

The more the channel grew, the more fans got an insight into the talent and what they were up to lately. By the time 2020 rolled around, YouTube had become one of TJPW’s main outlets of content. They were dishing out videos frequently and also smartly began their series of uploading one new match per week. Fans can enjoy a free match every week on TJPW and they make sure to put out their best recent matches. Here are a few of the recent matches that you need to check out:

Miyu Yamashita vs Maki Itoh

Yuki Kaifuku vs Mizuki vs Haruna Neko

Yuki Aino and Marika Kobashi vs Shin Ultra Shoko and Hyper Misao

TJPW made sure that YouTube in and of itself would be sufficient for a casual viewer who had just started taking interest in DDT. 

The content became more and more focused on getting the Joshi stars over and it worked. They saw a surge in their YouTube viewership soon and they capitalized on it by creating as much material as possible. Training videos and backstage features had become a norm on that channel. More recently, TJPW has started podcasts that feature different stars discussing things unrelated to wrestling while they sign autographs in the most artistic way possible. These podcasts are streamed live on YouTube and there is a live chat available for fans to interact with each other. 

Moreover, their press conferences are also streamed live. TJPW’s YouTube channel has essentially become a secondary show for TJPW where they have the liberty and time to do things that they wouldn’t have elsewhere.

The TJPW Official YouTube channel currently stands at over thirteen thousand subscribers and if you are a new fan then do yourself a favour and go over and subscribe. Now they even have the auto-translate option in the captions which does a fair enough job of getting the wrestlers’ points through.

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