WWE: Top 15 Finishing Moves in Today’s WWE Product (2015)

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What makes a finishing move? The look of it? The power of it? The ability to hit it from ‘out-of-nowhere’? Potentially a mixture of all 3? Let’s divulge and get into discussion/civil debates on whether or not you agree with my list.

***Note: This list will consist of people that are currently active with WWE***

(In no particular order)

Helluva Kick – Sami Zayn

This corner finisher has Sami set it up by using an exploder/T-bone suplex into the turnbuckle and while the groggy opponent stands up, Sami runs full charge at his poor victim, raises his leg and big-boots the individuals face practically into the audience. While fairly simple looking, the impact of the boot hitting the face and the sell after is what makes this finisher more than most times, a definite 1-2-3.


Zigzag – Dolph Ziggler

It’s not the most impactful move but it doesn’t mean it’s not impactful enough. It’s a finisher where Dolph is lurking behind the individual and leaps forward onto the individual, whipping their head/neck/body back and slamming it into the ground. Great part of this finisher is that it’s quite versatile in that it can be hit from almost anywhere. He’s used it off ladders before, top-turnbuckles and more if he had the chance to. It’s visually pleasing and gets a nice “oh!” from that crowd on occasion. He needs to start using it again.

Red Arrow – ‘Adrian’ Neville

Neville is arguable the most agile, talented wrestler in WWE. At times in the ring, gravity truly has forgot Neville and thus comes the “Red Arrow”. Describing it isn’t sufficient enough to truly represent the awe that comes with it. There’s something so angelic of how he twist in the air before slamming down on his opponent for the eventual 1-2-3 count.


Curbstomp (rip) – Seth Rollins

Any superstar that names their finisher after a disgustingly horrifying street-fight tactic better live up to the hype that the name brings. While the move appears to not be that impactful, you’re having a grown man leap up into the air, place his foot ever so gracefully on the back of your head before pressing down so hard that your face is engraved within the canvas. It’s a move that always had people watching and while I’m still in denial about it being taken away for quote-on-quote “health reasons” well you have an Irish brute kicking people in the face but no one bats an eyelash at that.


Spear – Roman Reigns

Who doesn’t love a good spear? A lot of you? Really? I may be quite alone on saying this but Reigns’ spear is one of the nicer looking finishers in WWE. While it’ll never top an Edge spear from the top of a ladder to the floor on Jeff Hardy, the look it has and impact it shows is great. The spear on Big Show where he ran down the entrance ramp may very well be his best spear. The dive he took before hand to deliver it was punishingly satisfying to watch on repeat.

Noticeable other spots had been multiple spears on Ziggler and even a big man like Henry ‘made Reigns look strong’.

Bull Hammer Elbow – Wade ‘King’ Barrett

This finisher is incredibly badass. Turn the elbow pad inside out and smash your opponents head in with 1 swift blow. It’s 1 of the most versatile finishers in WWE to date, given that it can be hit on a large or small opponent, if their in mid-air, on the turnbuckle, on a ladder, on anything! Visually pleasing and super impactful. A great finisher for a great king!

Spinning lariat/Discus Clothesline – Luke Harper

A man the size of Luke Harper, spinning his body so that momentum swings with him and have him absolutely eviscerate his opponents by decapitating them with a clothesline is so artful. 6’5, 275 pounds, that’s a whole lot of man that’s delivering what tends to be the final clothesline of the night. While not as versatile as other finishers, it’s look and impact it has is nothing short of great.


Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail

What’s not to love about this finisher from Bray? The fact that he kisses the forehead, essentially marking the ‘kiss of death’ on his opponent before viciously whipping his opponent forward in a sudden twist that ends most nights is good enough grounds for me. The look of this move will be one that stays with me for it looks stellar from before hitting it to the pin that comes after. There’s just something so sinister looking and sinister feeling about it that when he does hit it, it’s lights out more than most times.Noticeable spots for him hitting it are on both Rey Mysterio night after WrestleMania and Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble 2014.

Bank Statement – Sasha Banks

As if having the Back-Stabber part isn’t enough, she throws her opponent backwards while locking them into a modified cross-face. It’s essentially 2 finishers comprised into 1 and it’s absolutely glorious how much of a boss she looks when performing it.


PTO/Ram-Paige – Paige

Ok technically this 2 finishers in 1 post but I’m writing this so I get to make up the rules, ok? First off, the PTO is a beautifully looking submission. It’s very intricate appearing while being incredibly devastating. The Ram-Paige is somewhat of a modified cradle DDT. Like the PTO, it’s quite pleasing to the eye and offers the same destruction as a PTO, but more of a KO’ing effect.

Coup de Grace – Finn Balor

Finn Balor’s finisher is arguably my most favourite in all of WWE. Coup de Grace means “A final blow to kill a wounded person or animal”. That’s exactly what Balor is performing when this finish is unleashed. The violent drop kick before builds up the intensity that come with a double foot stomp on to the chest of the downed opponent. The height he gets, the way he brings his knee’s up to his chest and the final scene of him driving down on to his opponent is everything a finisher should be for a wrestler.

Very European Uppercut – Cesaro

What’s better than a man throwing an opponent into the air, only to uppercut said victim so hard on the downfall that it would make the biggest Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter fan smile? Not much, I’ll tell you that. Cesaro is a freak when it comes to raw strength. Pound for pound, strongest guy on the WWE roster, FACT. Which is why a finisher like the Very European Uppercut is so fitting to his character. It incorporates everything that Cesaro is; strong and powerful.

RKO – Randy Orton

Much like the Bull-Hammer Elbow, the RKO will forever be ruled as the finisher that can literally be hit from almost impossible scenarios. Oh you’re about to hit Randy with a Shooting Star Press? No you’re not. Jumping off a ladder to attack? No you’re not. What I’m getting at is Randy has become such a legend with his finisher that he can hit the RKO at a moment’s notice. He needs that split second to open you up, make you incredibly vulnerable and strike you with a vicious RKO.

Pop-up Powerbomb – Kevin Owens

Just when you think your life is going up, you soon realize that you were just thrust into the air and are about to crash back down into reality and reality is that your back/neck/head are about to be damaged severely. My only criticism of the move is that he doesn’t sit down with the powerbomb, which to me, would make that incredibly more satisfying to watch but until then, I’ll continue to watch Kevin Owens absolutely kill opponents with his finisher.


F5 – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s F5 is hands down, one of the greatest finishers of all time. The way he hoists his opponents on to his shoulders, to screaming at the audience before tossing said opponent face first into the mat is oh-so very satisfying. Given that he has the strength of 10 men, he can either hit the F5 on a smaller opponent or someone much larger, yet make it still seem almost too easy for him. He’s caught people mid-air before with the F5 which makes it all the more awesome to watch him demolish individuals with.


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